Saturday, March 6, 2010

By George, I Think He's Got It!

After months (no, you didn't read that wrong...) of trying, I think Jackson has finally figured out potty training! Potty training was at the top of my to-do list for maternity leave. We started in January after the hustle and bustle of getting a new brother and the holidays. I'm telling ya, with every step forward that we took, we would take 2 steps back. We had to put potty training on hold several times for stomach viruses and antibiotics (antibiotics really do a number on Jackson's stomach) and just your good ole 2 year old tantrum-that one alone can blow any patience I had with him.

Jackson is very into instant gratification so I decided to make him a poster for the bathroom. I broke out the handy dandy cricut and came up with this...

This has been on our bathroom door for a little over 2 months. Everytime he went to the potty, he would put a sticker on it. When that seemed to have lost it's excitement, I broke out the big guns...

CHOCOLATE!!! Who wouldn't use the bathroom for a piece of chocolate? I know I would.

Well, I had all but thrown in the towel and decided we would try when he was a little older. Thursday morning when Jackson woke up, he told me "Mommy, I want to potty train." Um, ok that's music to this Mommy's ears! So off to the potty we go. He went and then we put on his "uniform" for the last few months. A long sleeved t-shirt and underwear (no pants). He stayed dry all morning and even told me when he had to go #2. He had NEVER done that before. He was so proud of himself that he went #2 4 times that day! Yes, you read that right-4 times. I think he didn't go all at once because he figured out he got 2 stickers and 2 pieces of chocolate for #2-smart kid. He wore a diaper at nap time and then the underwear went back on when he woke up, this time with pants on top. He still stayed dry with the pants on-yet another milestone. He usually would forget he had underwear on when he was wearing pants and would wet them.

Yesterday, we went to my Mom's house for the day, our first outing wearing underwear. He stayed dry in the car and went potty 2 times at the restaurant! I know we have not mastered it, but we are definitely closer to throwing away the diapers than we were at the beginning of the week.

Can you tell that he is SO proud of himself? I know we are! (Check out all those sticker on that poster...I told you we have been working on this for a while!)


Anonymous said...

You Rock Jackson! We are so proud of YOU.

The Butler Family said...

WOW! How awesome is that! Way to go all the stickers! I'm gonna need some tips :)

Jessica Kenney said...

O the joys of potty training! I am not looking forward to doing another one! 2 down and I am ready for someone else to take over! :)

Allyson said...

woo hoo!!!

i've been thinking about you today. how did it go your first day back? i hope your mom gets to feeling better soon. my mom had that a few years ago and was so sick.

Yea Jackson! Love that smile of accomplishment!