Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Free" TIme

Last Saturday, we had the greatest family day! The circus was in town and on a whim, we decided to go. It didn't hurt that a woman at the door had some extra tickets that she was giving away, so we got in free-thats my favorite price!
Family pic before the circus begins. We felt right at home at the circus...sometimes it feels like our home is a 3 ring circus!
Here is Hudson...asleep in his peanut sling
Jackson is a boy after my own heart. He LOVES cotton candy so we shared a little snack while watching the tigers.
Tired and ready to go eat lunch. Hudson STILL sleeping...that must have been a great 2.5 hour nap.
Jackson was totally NOT feeling the clowns-he is definitely my son! (I hate them...not sure how I ended up being the one holding him in this picture.) I told him we would go get Zaxby's for lunch if he would let me take a picture...well we got our picture yet my child is terrified. Ha!
Hungry boy...and happy to not have any clowns around him.
Hudson woke up just in time to watch us eat lunch. I think he was jealous we were eating yummy chicken and he had a plain old bottle. I told him that in a few months he would be eating with us.

I love family time....especially when it is free!


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