Monday, March 1, 2010

I got my first blog award ya'll. I would like to thank the little people who make this possible...especially the little boys who give me something to write about on my blog (sorry I couldn't resist).

So these are the rules that go with the award...

1. Post the award.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award
3. Tell 7 things that people may not know about you
4. Pass the award along to 7 friends
5. Notify them that they have won

The girl that gave me such a prestigious award is Erin . I have know Erin since I was in youth group at my old church. She has such a fun blog with great recipes, encouragement, and a precious little girl named Delaney! You should check her out!

Ok 7 things you may not know about me...
1. I have always wanted to be a mother and in high school I always said I wanted to have boys...well my dreams have come true (but I would love to throw a girl in the mix somewhere...someday!)  =)
2. I was a lifeguard and swim instructor all through high school and college. 6 years of my life consisted of being around a pool and getting paid for it (could anything be better than, no!) It still is my favorite job (other than being a Mommy) to this day! Which brings me to...
3. My favorite smell in the world is chlorine! I love it. You know the smell of an indoor pool? Oh my goodness, it makes me SO excited. I know most normal people like the smell of freshly cut grass or a bouquet of roses...but for me it's chlorine, all the way (I also don't mind the smell of a skunk. Is that wierd?-wait don't answer that)
4. Up until a year ago, I didn't know the "true" color of my hair. It has been white, blonde, fire engine red, and almost black-that was all when I had "fun" hair when I was a hair dresser and not a Mom. Now, I am ashamed to say that I have Mom hair-mousy brown mom hair. I never thought I would see the day when I would put down the bleach and hair color and go natural. (Don't worry, after Shawn's wedding I think I am going to get my sass back. I already have ideas.)
5.  I am a die-hard Tiger basketball fan. I bleed Tiger blue. I have already taught Jackson the Tiger cheer: Ahhh... T-I-G-E-R-S Tigers! We are starting him young and raising him right. Ha!
6. I am a newly born fan of "The Office". I use to think it was silly but I can't get rnough of it now. My favorite night is Tuesday night because reruns of "The Office" come on TBS from 7-10. Jason and I have so much fun vegging out that night and just watching that show.
7. I brake for squirrels. My sorority mascot was the squirrel and I have a special place in my heart for them. If I see one run across the road, I will slam on my brakes and close my eyes and pray I don't hit it.

Ok, so on to who I will pass this "prestigious" award to:
1. My Mom- My Mom has a fun blog. Alot of times she will show some fun ideas she gets with decorating. I have always thought of her as Martha Stewart and my Dad as Bob Villa. She can craft anything and my Dad can build anything. I wish I was that creative.
2.  Jessica- Jessica was one of my best friends when I was college age. We were inseperable on college trips at church-we had some good times. She now is the Mommy to 2 of the cutest little guys and has one on the way!
3. Audrey- Audrey and I have known each other for a while too. She went to church with Jessica and me. She has 2 precious kiddos- a boy and a girl. She also blogs some great ideas and yummy recipes.
4. Allyson- Allyson found me when I was pregnant with Hudson. She was also pregnant and due in November and was also on blood thinners. She was such an encouragement to me. She has a great blog and some great stories!
5. Laura- I found her randomly through another blog. She has 2 boys like me and both our boys are just a few months difference in age. It is fun to see someone who has 2 boys about the same age and see some of the things her boys do.
6. Emily- Emily and I were in the same sorority (Alpha Gamma Delta) in college. She has 3 year old twin girls and 1 on the way. She is HILARIOUS and tells stories of her girls in such a fun way!
7. Heather- Heather and I went to high school together and she was also in my sorority. She has some great encouraging posts and yummy recipes.
...and because I am not one to follow the rules, I have 2 more:
8. Jessica- Jessica was also in my sorority. She has the sweetest little girl and I love catching up with her on her blog.
9. Emory- Emory goes to our church. She has the cutest little girl named Emma and she also runs a little business. If you need anything monogrammed-Emory is your girl.



Laura Matthews said...

Hi Shannon! Whew - I am just getting around to replying to emails. First, THANKS for the award!! Fun! I loved reading this post to get to know you better. I will also pledge to find my "sass" again...eventually. Haha! I brake for all animals - birds included. Glad to have found you! P.S. how do you know "Twins Come In Twos?" My SIL is great friends with Emily...SMALL world, eh?! Stay in touch! We should get the boys together some day! Would love to meet you!!

Its So Very Cheri said...

Fun things to know about you-being a Mom is the BEST.
I grabbed your button and will add it in. Thanks for letting me know.


Jessica said...

Shannon-thanks so much for the blog award...I'm so excited and glad to be apart of your post! I love reading about your boys and seeing your cute, cute pictures! I'm so glad we can catch up this way! I will try to repost the award very soon!