Monday, March 29, 2010

Oreo Truffles

My sister's lingerie shower was this weekend and I was in charge of bringing a dessert. My cousin made these not too long ago and I knew these would be a hit.
What you'll need:
-Package of Oreos (or generic...hey they taste the same!)
-1 brick of cream cheese
-1 package of Almond Bark. I used CandiQuik-I have never use it before but I really liked it.
*Ground the whole package of Oreos into fine crumbs. (Use the cream center as well)
*Cream the cream cheese in a mixer-it is easier to mix if it is room temp....
...and then add in the crumbs. Mix until well combined.
*Roll into balls. (I doubled the recipe since I was taking it to a party.) I put them into the refridgerator after this step so they wouldn't be as sticky.
*Dip into the Almond Bark or candy coating. I ran low on the candy coating so I used some bittersweet chocolate that I had in the pantry. I also attempted to be fancy and color the white coating pink and drizzle it on top of the truffles-didn't quite work out like I had planned. They may not be the prettiest but they were still delicious! Enjoy!



Morgan Holt said...

HA! I make this recipe a ton when I go places, however, I don't call them truffles at my house. I call them "doo-doo balls"! HA HA! I know, not the best name but you know that's what they look like when they are rolled before dipping!! :)

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Looove these! Glad you posted about them because I had forgotten about them! I wonder if there is any way to make them look like bunnies; I might try it. It could be interesting!!