Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I just feel like I need to give a little update on Jackson since most of ya'll know what we have been through behavior wise. Jackson has been in school for 3 weeks and everytime I have picked him up, I have gotten a good report. (I hope I am not jinxing myself for writing this!) What his teachers said yesterday though, made this Mommy so proud. His teachers said that he was one of the brightest, sweetest, most polite children they have ever kept. After I made sure that they were talking about Jackson Haynes (ha ha!), they told me some of the things that he says in class. He talks to them about going to church and tells them his Bible verses. He tells them how he prays for them at night. This makes my heart sing. They call him "Preacher"-I love that my little boy is already sharing Jesus! I know ugliness can and will show it's ugly head again, but he is doing SO much better and wanted to let ya'll know.

*I will update soon with some picture posts. My computer has been on the fritz


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