Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you for all that prayed for my little HudsonBoo! Yesterday we went back up to the hospital at 7:15 to start another ultrasound. They were still not able to see much because his belly was full of gas so they did a barrium swallow. I was able to feed him the barrium (which Hudson guzzled...GROSS!!!) and watch the test being done. The Dr. checked everything and said that everything looked great. As soon as Hudson's belly was full though, you could see on the test the barrium coming back up and then he threw it up. He said that it looks like he has some pretty bad reflux, so hopefully we will get some more medicine for that and we will change his formula back to Enfamil AR. Crossing our fingers that this works!

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Sarah said...

So happy you got some good news! I will be thinking about you and your sweet fam. Take care!