Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 Months Old

Happy 5 month birthday Hudson! You have changed SO much this month. Here is a little bit of what you are doing!

*You have lots of nicknames: PaaPaa (pronounced puh puh), nugget, Stinkerpot/Stinkerbritches, Bug (short for Cuddlebug) and my favorite which is said the most...HudsonBoo!
*You are so nosey alert. You always know what is going on. You love to reach out and grab things-you take things in front of you and can take your "Bob" out and back in your mouth. You love to stare at lamps, ceiling fans, and large paintings/artwork.

*You have begun to enjoy eating solids. This month you have had rice cereal, apple sauce, bananas, and carrots. You like them so much, you are already a member of the "Clean Plate Club"!
*You have kind of found your feet. You aren't nearly as impressed with them as Mommy is. I can't keep my hands off them. There isn't much more I love to do than kiss and nibble on a baby foot.
*You are SUPER laidback. Even the days when you haven't had a nap all day, it really doesn't seem to bother you. You don't fuss too much.

Hudson, You are growing up too fast. Can you please slow down for your Mommy?

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