Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dr.s, and Nurses, and Copays...Oh My!

(*This post may be TMI for some...feel free to skip it. It is my way of venting!)

Do you ever feel like you live at your pediatrician's office? I know I do. I was looking at our checkbook the other day and almost every week, we have a copay being paid to our Dr.

I took Jackson to the Dr. for the walk-in clinic on Monday. (Here is where it gets TMI!) He has had diarreah for a month and a diaper rash that looks like bed sores and blisters. We have already been to the Dr. 2 times and tried every cream under the sun. We got lucky and our Dr. was there and we agreed to take home some vials and do some stool samples that day. That was the hardest thing ever. Changing Jackson's diaper has been a fight because he is in so much pain, but trying to get a stool sample while he is fighting (because you can't use wipes to get it off....Ugh!) We hopefully will hear something from that today. I am praying they can give him some meds and that will take care of it. If the tests come back negative, then we will be going back our G.I. Doctor to run more tests.

Then yesterday, I picked Hudson up from school....and his eyes were all gunked up. I debated on whether to take him in or not , I decided to bite the bullet and take him-so off to the Tuesday late clinic we went. (2 copays in 2 days people!) I'm so glad we went. He does have a cold but his chest and ears were clear but the eyes were conjunctivitis. YUCK! They gave us an antibiotic for his eyes and we were told to watch him for a few days. When we got home last night, his little eyes were swollen shut. Bless his heart, no wonder he has been a little cranky lately.

Working a full time job and taking care of 2 sick boys....I am beyond exhausted. Being a Mommy is hard!


Morgan Holt said...

I've SO been there Shannon! There are days when I look at my sick girls (either one) and will think to I really want to pay for them to go to the doctor or will they be fine and survive if we don't?! That's awful, I know! It's so true though. We've had the awful diarrhea stuff with Emmersen when she was little. We got really close to doing the stool sample but lots of Culturelle really helped. Did Dr. Bubba tell you that? I dosed her up on that stuff and if they've been on antiobiotics for a while, it can screw up their system and they need the good bacteria from Culterelle to fix the underlying problem. We ended up just layering vaseline constantly on her bottom to keep it from getting worse while treating it. I mean we caked it on in globs...disgusting but it worked. And just recently, both of my girls had conjunctivitis. Clara was awful to treat....she screamed and pitched a living fit when I tried to do drops. Their little eyes swell up and they look awful but the drops will indeed help. Sorry for the book I just wrote! Hope they feel better soon! I'll keep you all in my prayers!

Heather said...

Shannon - I can certainly sympathize. Savannah went into the night clinic last night and it hasn't even been two weeks since she has been to the doctor. She did so well the first year, but after she turned one, I can't keep her well. Put working full time on top of that (not to mention other grown up stresses) and it's enough to completely wear you down. Just wanted to say you're not alone. Hope your boys feel better soon. :)

Ben and Audrey said...

i can definitely relate to this. we've been so many times about jovie's reflux. ughh.

p.s. i gave you a blog award!