Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

*Warning...picture OVERLOAD!*
What a wonderful weekend we had. I had all intentions to post this blog last night when we got home, but I was exhausted and the bed was calling my name.
On "Easter Eve, Jackson and I made Ressurection cookies. This was the first time we made them, but I think we will make them every year. I was able to tell the Easter story to Jackson as he put the ingredients in the bowl. He beat the pecans like Jesus was flogged (John 19: 1-3). He put the vinegar in the bowl, like Jesus drank on the cross (John 19:28-30). He tasted the salt-salty like Jesus' tears (Luke 23:27). He poured in the sugar-the sweetest part of the story. Jesus was on the cross because he loved us so much (Psalm 34:8 and John 3:16).
We mixed the ingredients and then put them in the oven overnight.
We sealed the "tomb" with tape and waited until morning to get the cookies out. When we broke them open, the cookies were hollow...just like the tomb after Jesus rose! Pretty neat.
In the morning, we opened Easter baskets before church.
Me and my boys. (early morning...please excuse me, I am a total mess!)
Jackson, what did you get? He got a kite and a couple DVDs and of course candy. This year he had a breakfast of a Cadbury egg and yogurt. Thats from the food groups, right? Dairy and protein(eggs=protein)?
After church, we went to my parents to eat lunch. Of course we had to take pictures. We clean up well and we had to have proof that we are more than a t-shirt and jeans family. (Don't you love a man in pink? I know I do!)
My sweet boys all dresses up.
After our yummy lunch, it was time for the first annual Whitworth family Easter egg hunt. These were Jason and Darris' baskets. HA!
 We all posed with our baskets. Shawn and I used our baskets from when we were little.
...and he's off. Jackson took hunting eggs VERY seriously! He did not want anyone helping him.
Everyone with their loot.
This is Jackson's bag of money. Can you see the $20 in there? He got more money than Jason and I did. He got $67 and we got $51 (Shawn and Darris got 80ish). As we were hunting, I wasn't gathering many, I was leaving them for Jackson. I felt bad taking many of "his eggs". Well I learned my lesson. I will gather as many as I can next year, he did better than we did. I have a feeling next year it will be full contact Easter egg hunting.
It was such a pretty day that Jackson even played in the sprinkler. Don't worry my parents have a warm water spicket outside so he was playing in water that felt like bathwater.
Then it was kite flying time. We had 3 kites flying (Spider-man, Hello Kitty and a parrot). The Hello Kitty kite was my sisters, but notice who actually had it. My Dad played with it the whole time.
Again Dad with his Hello Kitty kite (he would kill me if he knew I put these up)
While everyone else was flying kites, I got in some good snuggle time with Hudson. He has gotten so fun. He is just so happy and smiling all the time. Yesterday, he was giving us some good belly laughs while I was tickeling him.
We crashed on the way home. We got home around 7 and we were all in bed not too long after that. We had a wonderful day that we celebrated with our church family, our family, and the wonderful weather. Can it get any better than that?

He is risen...he is risen indeed!


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I love it. Yes, your dad will get you for posting these. We just won't tell him. Ha. You all looked so nice.