Monday, April 26, 2010

She Got Hitched!

I am finally able to update about my sister's wedding. Yesterday, we were visiting with family that was in town from Texas and then we came home and crashed. (Last night, we rented a movie from Red Box and 5 minutes into, Jason and I both were asleep. Guess we will have to try to watch it again another time.)
Shawn and Darris got married at Hillwood at Davies Plantation. It was such a neat place to have a wedding. Shawn's theme was "country chic" and I think it couldn't have been more perfect for her personality. (Can you see the moss covered "W" in the picture on the mantle? My mom and dad made that...I think that was one of my favorite things they did for the wedding.)
The food was DELICIOUS! Going with the theme, Shawn wanted some good-ole home cooking. She had Fried chicken and pulled pork, crawfish dressing, macaroni & cheese, a mashed potato bar with all the fixins, fried green tomatoes, corn pudding, green bean bundles, deviled eggs, and rolls.
For wedding cake, we had Muddy's cupcakes! YUM! There were about 7 different flavors the guests could choose from. For a going away happy, Shawn and I piped a "W" on moonpies with icing and wrapped them up in cute little bags (there was even RC cola to drink with them).
The bridesmaid dresses were perfect. They looked great on any body type. Isn't Shawn's dress beautiful? It reminds me of "Sweet Home Alabama". She even wore cowboy boots.
Jackson was the ring"barrow" and couldn't have done a better job! He was such a ham. He behaved and walked down the aisle like a pro and even posed for all the pictures. I was such a proud Momma.
To say Shawn's wedding is one people won't forget is spot on. Saturday was what should have been called the storm of the century. Bless her heart, she was so nervous while we were all getting our hair done. (I would have been to...not fun to have hail, severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings on the day of your wedding.) However everything cleared up beautifully right before we took pictures. Everything went off without a hitch until 20 minutes before the ceremony...and then the power went out! We were so glad that there were candles on each table, cause that was the only light. They went ahead and did the ceremony you just couldn't see them very well. We ate dinner in the dark and the blue-grass band played without their amps. 1.5 hours later they power came back on...
...and Jackson danced like a maniac! Are you seeing the proof on Jackson's shirt and pants that he had a chocolate cupcake? He is SO messy!
Even after all the crazy events of the day, they are still married! They are driving to Arizona...yes, driving. I told her they will learn alot about each other by being stuck in a car together for that long. Ha!

I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for them. I love you Shawn and Darris!

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Anonymous said...

Shannon looked great and that Jackson really had some great moves dancing. It was such a fun party.