Saturday, April 3, 2010

I love being home with my boys-so I am very excited about a 4 day weekend! We decided to spend our day doing some fun things yesterday. (Jackson woke up yesterday and kept asking to do everything immediately...I had to tell him to pace himself or we would run out of things to do. ha!)
First we decorated eggs. I learned 2 important things...1. You do need the vinegar that is suggested. I didn't have any on hand, and our eggs looked pretty pitiful. They soaked for 10 minutes and they are so pale. and 2. We will be dying eggs outside next year. It was way messier than I thought it would be.
Hudson was not too impressed with coloring eggs.
The first 2 eggs, I dropped in gently with a spoon. Well, Jackson thought that he had figured it out. He grabbed the spoon and did pretty well. As soon as I snapped this picture, he took the egg off the spoon and very not so gently dropped the egg in with a pretty big splash. (...yet again, lesson learned)
I couldn't get too mad at him....I mean look at that smile.
See, aren't they pitiul? They aren't the vibrant eggs that were advertised on the package. Oh well, the boys didn't care
After eggs, we played outside because the weather was BEAUTIFUL and then went to Mommy's favorite place Muddy's ! When asked what Jackson wanted, he told the cashier "sprinkles". So Jason and Jackson got blue Plain Janes. They didn't have my favorite (chocolate decedance-chocolate cupcake with white chocolate icing) so we tried 2 new ones...The Tomboy and Capote. So far, the Tomboy (chocolate icing with peanut butter icing) may be my new favorite. I am in love...Yum!
Jackson had a bit of a fit when we came home because he wanted his cupcake then and didn't want to eat his lunch. After a brief time out thinking about what he had done (...which was throw his sandwich and applesauce on the floor), he decided that he would eat his lunch so he could get his cupcake. (If you would allow him, Jackson would never eat anything good. His favorite food groups are Cheetos, icing, and chocolate. Can you blame him?) He ate every bite of his lunch and then enjoyed his icing cupcake. Then it was naptime. Jackson took a 4.5 hour nap (which explains his meltdown over lunch) and then headed over to my parents house to spend the night. Jason and I decided to go out to eat. It was so nice to have a date night-I consider it a date night since Hudson slept the whole time. I consider our day-off together a success. I can't wait to spend the rest of the weekend with my boys!


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