Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

You can tell Spring has come to Memphis when I get my first pollen induced sickness (check) and the Haynes household goes to Jerry's Snow Cones on a Saturday night for dinner (check). Tonight was our first trip to Jerry's in a year and it was just as good as we remembered!

It was a big night for Jackson too. He got his very own tonight- blue bubblegum. Isn't that what every kid gets? He doesn't quite have the pallate for sophisticated snow cones like strawberry with soft serve ice cream mixed in. Ha!

Hudson even got a taste. Hey, don't get on to me. It was a tiny amount. I felt bad for him, he was feeling left out of all the snow cone goodness!

Check out the blue smile. I think you can tell that he liked it. In fact he had blue EVERYWHERE! He came home and got a good scrubbing so he doesn't look like a smurf tomorrow at church. (Are you loving the fake smile? The camera on my phone takes forever to take a picture. He sat there and held it-the longer he held it the bigger his eyes got and the faker the smile.)

*Jacksonism of the day*

On the way home from Jerry's I was still eating my snow cone. It take me a long time to finish ice cream. I leaned over the seat and gave him a bite and scene...

Jackson: Mommy, can I have a bite?
Mommy: after giving him a bite "Jackson, can you say thank you?"
Jackson: "De Nada" (which means "your welcome" in Spanish)
Mommy: "Did you just say De Nada"
Jackson: "Yea"

Apparently, he thought I was telling him "thank you" so he was telling me "your welcome" in his own way. I guess he is learning something from Handy Manny because we don't watch Dora. Then he proceeded to count to 5 (which he said was: uno, dos, tres, qinco, frito...hey we skipped 4 and threw in a Chip brand but we are new at this) and say "gracias". Who knew talking tools were educational?


Morgan Holt said...

I seriously laughed out loud when I read his version of counting in to 5 in spanish.....frito?!?! HA! HA!! Too cute! I bet those snow cones were good. We haven't had those in forever!!

Ben and Audrey said...

ok. the frito thing made me laugh out loud. seriously hilarious. what a cute kid!!

i love handy manny. Jack just started watching it today & it seems more tolerable than dora!

where is jerry's snow cones?

mustard seeds said...

That child makes me laugh. Kind of like his Mom.