Sunday, May 30, 2010

100% Boy!

I think we have entered a new realm of boyishness! Jackson has always been real into tools. At anytime of the day you can find him wearing a toolbelt, playing with his weedeater and chainsaw, or at a piece of furniture trying to fix it with a screwdriver.
Hudson was only a month old when Jackson started teaching him about boyish things. (Can you see the tractor in his hands?) If Hudson was sitting in his bouncy chair, Jackson would pile his lap full of cars and tools-he was sharing his toys with his 1 month old brother. However, we have discovered a new love...
...SUPERHEROS!!! A few weekends ago, Spiderman was on TV. Jason and I only watched 2 minutes of it before changing the channel and he could tell us all about Spiderman and how he throws webs and even act out how he would swing from them. He has now discovered Ironman. I have never seen the Ironman movies, he learned about him from a commercial. I knew the day would come when he would learn about Superheros I just didn't know it would come when he was 2 years old! Jason got him this shirt today at Old Navy and Jackson almost had a heart attack when he saw Ironman on it. He literally squealed when Jason took it out of the bag.
The other day, I was at Walmart and was looking at little boy underroos. I was giving him the option between Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse...but NO, he had to have Superhero. I gave in, I figured if Ironman would make potty training easier, then he would get Ironman. What else do I have to look forward to with little boys?

More Jackson-isms:
Jackson has started talking ALL. THE. TIME!!!! I'm serious, the boy never stops. Here are some funny things he has said lately...

*The night Jason and Jackson went "camping" he would not go to sleep. He needed to tell Jason everything that he eats at school...
"...and at school we drink milk. It has protein and is good for your system. And we drink water. It has protein and is good for your system too."

* We went swimming the other day. When he was getting out of the pool, he turned around and said "ok guys, call me if you need me."

*While using the bathroom the other night, he went #2. When he saw it he said... "It looks like a dinosaur doesn't it Mommy?" (So gross...he is such a boy!)

Oh my word...this boy is too much!

Friday, May 28, 2010

What Makes Me Happy?

Kelly is asking what makes you happy. There are so many things that make me happy but here are just a few...
*Being married to my best friend.
*And of course these two precious boys make me happy!!!


*Lazy Saturdays
*Cupcakes from Muddy's . I am actually going to pick some up this afternoon for Jason's birthday surprise. it a surprise for him, or really me?

*Working out (ok this really does make me happy, I just need to do it more often since most of the things on this list are not good for you foods!)

*One of our favorite dinners on Saturday nights in the summer is Jerry's Sno Cones. My favorite?...
<--This little gem  is a strawberry supreme!

*planning my boys birthday parties.

*playing Bunco (...and winning!)

*The Office totally makes me happy! Tuesday nights, Jason and I veg out in front of the tv and watch 3 hours of reruns of "The Office" on TBS!

*Getting things (other than bills) in the mail. It can be anything, invitation, cards, magazines.... I get so excited!
*And one of my all-time faves...MEMPHIS BASKETBALL! How much longer til October?


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hodge Podge

What a weekend we had. I feel like we flew by the seat of our pants-we had no plans just came up with them as we went. Saturday we...
...went to Touch-a-Truck at the Germantown Library. We thought that Jackson would LOVE it however it was quite the opposite. He wanted nothing to do with anything. There were firetrucks, and front-end loaders-all his favorite trucks and he was scared to death. I figured if I got in the police car he would come with me...nope, that plan failed! (Lets hope that's as close as I ever come to getting in a police car)
Hudson didn't seem to mind though. He is happy to be outside and watch people.
Jason was able to hold him and get near the firetruck but he would not climb in it.
We got him a snack and thought that would make him a little happier....
...but this was as close as he would come to the trucks. Hey, we made a little progress as least he wasn't clinging to Jason.

In other news, Jackson wore big boy underwear and did not have one accident! We went several places and he stayed dry (can you hear the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus?) and asked to use the potty everywhere we went. With the last couple months and the issues we have dealt with-this is a HUGE deal for him. We decided to take him to Walmart and choose a treat. He choose a silly caterpillar sprinkler.
...and he had a blast.
After a little sprinkler fun, Jason and Jackson washed my car.
Nothing wrong with a little child labor. I did pay him...with a popsicle. =)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

6 Months

On Wednesday, Hudson turned six months old.  How can a half a year have passed since he was born?

Six Month Stats:
Height:    26.5 " (75th percentile)
Weight:    14 lbs. 7 ounces (15th percentile)
Head Circumference:  43 cm (50th percentile)

Dr. Bubba said that he expects him to be long and lean (He most definitely didn't get that from me...I'm short and squatty!) He is getting close to doubling his birth weight and I am ready for that day. All his teachers at school and in the nursery at church talk about how little he is. He had 2 shots and some medicine drops at his Dr. visit. We can't wait for his 9 month visit because he won't get shots! His temperament is the best- He is so smiley and happy. He has had his 5th ear infection this month. I am hoping I am not beginning to see a trend here.

Hudson, what have you been up to this month?
*You love your excersaucer. You are figuring out all the little toys. You are also starting to put your feet down and push to standing when you are in it.
*You are working really hard at sitting. Each day you get a little stronger and we are hoping that soon you will be sitting on your own. (Don't be fooled by the picture above, he was sitting by himself but fell over right after I snapped the shot). I talked to the Dr. about your strength and he said that you were just fine and would do things when you were good and ready. I have noticed that you seem so content just to sit back and watch the world go by-you are super laid back. I have a feeling that you will do everything a little late just because you don't want to.

*You are starting to put everything in your mouth: toys, hands, feet, and "Bob". I think your favorite thing is a burpcloth. You like your monkey lovie, but you would much rather have a burpcloth to chew on (and it's not even the nice burpcloths, it's the cheap thin ones with a few stains on them-go figure.)

*You are quite the little piggy pig. You have eaten sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, apples, pears, peaches, squash, carrots, prunes, rice cereal, and sweet peas and you love them all! You can finish off a jar of baby food in just a few seconds. Dr. Bubba gave us the go ahead to start giving you pizza crust and breadsticks or large pieces of food you can gnaw on. Then after you get the hang of that you can have small pieces of table food. Life is about to get yummy Hudson!
Stop growing so fast. Thanks!
Love, Mommy

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

My job rents out the zoo every year during May and we had tickets for Sunday. Wouldn't you know it was projected to rain all day long. When we left church, it still hadn't started raining. We decided to take a chance and go.
We got there at nap time and Hudson slept for quite a while....
Jackson was actually pretty good for not having a nap.
Jackson thought the "pink birds" were very cool.
Hudson woke up and was impressed with them as well.
Jackson loved the "teddy bears" too. He was singing a song about them that he learned from school, I just couldn't understand what he was saying.
We watched the polar bears swim for a long time. They were being so funny...getting in the water and scratching their back on rocks.
Before we left, we thought we would hit up Teton Trek one more time. That was the first place we went to when we got there and Jackson saw a ton of kids playing in the fountain. He wanted to get in so bad-I told him after we saw everything we wanted to see and we ate dinner that we would come back and play. He was so excited-he talked about it the whole time we were there. We got back to the fountains at 5. We got his clothes off and waited and waited and waited...Apparently they turn the water off at 5. That's totally our luck. He was bummed...
...but Hudson looks amused.
So as we left we let him swim in the yucky river at the front. He had a blast. I learned my lesson. Next time we will go to the fountain earlier and we will bring a swimsuit and a towel.
He didn't care, he had a blast and we did too. We are definitely considering getting a zoo membership again.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainy Night Fun!

About a month ago, Jason went camping with my sister's husband and all the groomsman for his Bachelor party. Since then, camping is all Jackson has talked about (granted he had no idea at the time what camping was, he just knew if Daddy did it, then he wanted to do it.). I have worked at my job for 5 years and they gave us a catalog to choose a "prize"...we went with a tent. Isn't that what everyone chooses for working for 5 years?

It has stormed every weekend lately (including this weekend), so we just decided to campout in our living room. We wanted to give it a trial run before we go camping in my parents backyard the great outdoors.
Hudson was all smiles when he saw the tent going up-too bad he didn't get to go camping. He slept in his own bed.
Jason cleared the campsite...
...and the tent went up. Check out the hugeness of the tent to the smallness of our living room.
Ready for bed...
...but not before a bit more playing.

Jason was a trooper and slept in the tent with Jackson. I slept in our room so I could hear Hudson and not wake anyone up if he woke up (sounds like a good excuse to not have to sleep on the ground, right?)
This morning Jackson did a little grilling...
...before we headed to eat breakfast at our favorite doughnut shop. It was the perfect weekend fun. We can't wait to camp the real way...and yes, I will join in the fun next time!


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 Years Later...

Today I am celebrating being married to my best friend for 4 years! I was looking back at pictures from the 7 years we have been together and I noticed 2 things...1. Boy, we looked like babies (and were skinny) and 2. I have had a ton of hairstyles!
We love the same things... each other.
My how our hair has changed. Jason's hair spiky....
...and my hair blonde. Ha!
This was the night we got engaged. Before Jason proposed to me we went shopping and bought baseball hats. Notice the hat Jason got. I hate that he used to be a fan of a team that I loathe...
...but I'm happy to say he has seen the ere of his ways! He is a true blue tiger boy now! T-I-G-E-R-S...TIGERS!!! (I have taught him well!)
We have had boy #1...
...and boy #2!
Happy Anniversary Jason. I love you!