Sunday, May 30, 2010

100% Boy!

I think we have entered a new realm of boyishness! Jackson has always been real into tools. At anytime of the day you can find him wearing a toolbelt, playing with his weedeater and chainsaw, or at a piece of furniture trying to fix it with a screwdriver.
Hudson was only a month old when Jackson started teaching him about boyish things. (Can you see the tractor in his hands?) If Hudson was sitting in his bouncy chair, Jackson would pile his lap full of cars and tools-he was sharing his toys with his 1 month old brother. However, we have discovered a new love...
...SUPERHEROS!!! A few weekends ago, Spiderman was on TV. Jason and I only watched 2 minutes of it before changing the channel and he could tell us all about Spiderman and how he throws webs and even act out how he would swing from them. He has now discovered Ironman. I have never seen the Ironman movies, he learned about him from a commercial. I knew the day would come when he would learn about Superheros I just didn't know it would come when he was 2 years old! Jason got him this shirt today at Old Navy and Jackson almost had a heart attack when he saw Ironman on it. He literally squealed when Jason took it out of the bag.
The other day, I was at Walmart and was looking at little boy underroos. I was giving him the option between Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse...but NO, he had to have Superhero. I gave in, I figured if Ironman would make potty training easier, then he would get Ironman. What else do I have to look forward to with little boys?

More Jackson-isms:
Jackson has started talking ALL. THE. TIME!!!! I'm serious, the boy never stops. Here are some funny things he has said lately...

*The night Jason and Jackson went "camping" he would not go to sleep. He needed to tell Jason everything that he eats at school...
"...and at school we drink milk. It has protein and is good for your system. And we drink water. It has protein and is good for your system too."

* We went swimming the other day. When he was getting out of the pool, he turned around and said "ok guys, call me if you need me."

*While using the bathroom the other night, he went #2. When he saw it he said... "It looks like a dinosaur doesn't it Mommy?" (So gross...he is such a boy!)

Oh my word...this boy is too much!


mustard seeds said...

Oh, yes, he is ALL boy!

Katherine said...

With Nathaniel it is all about cars and trains. I'm amazed at how we don't have to teach them to like those things, it just happens!