Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hodge Podge

What a weekend we had. I feel like we flew by the seat of our pants-we had no plans just came up with them as we went. Saturday we...
...went to Touch-a-Truck at the Germantown Library. We thought that Jackson would LOVE it however it was quite the opposite. He wanted nothing to do with anything. There were firetrucks, and front-end loaders-all his favorite trucks and he was scared to death. I figured if I got in the police car he would come with me...nope, that plan failed! (Lets hope that's as close as I ever come to getting in a police car)
Hudson didn't seem to mind though. He is happy to be outside and watch people.
Jason was able to hold him and get near the firetruck but he would not climb in it.
We got him a snack and thought that would make him a little happier....
...but this was as close as he would come to the trucks. Hey, we made a little progress as least he wasn't clinging to Jason.

In other news, Jackson wore big boy underwear and did not have one accident! We went several places and he stayed dry (can you hear the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus?) and asked to use the potty everywhere we went. With the last couple months and the issues we have dealt with-this is a HUGE deal for him. We decided to take him to Walmart and choose a treat. He choose a silly caterpillar sprinkler.
...and he had a blast.
After a little sprinkler fun, Jason and Jackson washed my car.
Nothing wrong with a little child labor. I did pay him...with a popsicle. =)

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