Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a fun Mother's Day weekend we had! Saturday night, we went and spent the evening with my Mom and my Grandmother-Nanny! We ate dinner and then Shawn and Darris showed us their honeymoon pictures. They went to the Grand Canyon and the pictures were great. I think that may be the closest I get to Arizona though-if I go on vacation, there better be sand involved-but not desert sand....I prefer beach sand!
Sunday morning, I woke up and Jackson brought my presents to bed. (what is with the fake smile?)
I had to take a picture of the wrapping....I mean that was scribbled just for me!
Jason had the boys make these plates for me at school. I love them and I know I will cherish them forever!
Then we got up and Jackson helped me make pancakes. He loves to help me in the kitchen so I try to find ways to incorporate his help in everything-He helped me shake the batter. (...again with the fake smile.)

We got ready and went out to eat with Jason's family (along with everyone else in Memphis-ha!) We had a wonderful time visiting and ate some yummy food. Then we came home and attempted to get the boys to take naps. Jackson took a great one, Hudson on the other hand has been sneezing up a storm. Everytime he would doze off, he would wake himself up by sneezing or coughing. Bless his heart, he did that last night too. Jason stayed up with him til 2 and then I got up and let Jason go to sleep and I stayed up with him. Hoping this is not the beginning of some nasty allergies! All in all-I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! I am so thankful for a great husband and 2 precious boys that made it great for me!
I was thinking about it yesterday...I have learned so much in the almost 3 years I have been a Mommy. Here is my Top 10 List of Things I have Learned/Realized:
1. Start telling your kids about Jesus early. It is amazing how much they learn and how much they can teach you.
2. Any difficult day with your kids is better than the best day before they were born.
3. I appreciate my Mom so much more now that I have kids.
4. I wouldn't trade stepping on Matchbox cars and little Army men for anything in the world.
5. I have learned to have a sense of humor about things. I kid will not go to college biting, right?
6. Bodily fluids are not that bad-but only when they come from your kids. I don't want anyone else to throw up on me.
7. Watch what comes out of your mouth-they pick up everything!
8. When in doubt, take them to the Dr.
9. Their smile can always melt my heart.
10. God gave us 2 perfect boys that fit in perfectly with our family!


Ben and Audrey said...

i LOVE your #2 statement. i wouldn't trade one minute with my kids to go back to life before them. sometimes i think "how did i ever enjoy life before them?!" and i also love "when in doubt, take them to the doctor!" hahaha. so true. i do this all the time! i bet Dr Bubba is so tired of me!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

love that last pic of your boys! They are too adorable and love your lists also!!