Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rainy Night Fun!

About a month ago, Jason went camping with my sister's husband and all the groomsman for his Bachelor party. Since then, camping is all Jackson has talked about (granted he had no idea at the time what camping was, he just knew if Daddy did it, then he wanted to do it.). I have worked at my job for 5 years and they gave us a catalog to choose a "prize"...we went with a tent. Isn't that what everyone chooses for working for 5 years?

It has stormed every weekend lately (including this weekend), so we just decided to campout in our living room. We wanted to give it a trial run before we go camping in my parents backyard the great outdoors.
Hudson was all smiles when he saw the tent going up-too bad he didn't get to go camping. He slept in his own bed.
Jason cleared the campsite...
...and the tent went up. Check out the hugeness of the tent to the smallness of our living room.
Ready for bed...
...but not before a bit more playing.

Jason was a trooper and slept in the tent with Jackson. I slept in our room so I could hear Hudson and not wake anyone up if he woke up (sounds like a good excuse to not have to sleep on the ground, right?)
This morning Jackson did a little grilling...
...before we headed to eat breakfast at our favorite doughnut shop. It was the perfect weekend fun. We can't wait to camp the real way...and yes, I will join in the fun next time!

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