Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Funday

My job rents out the zoo every year during May and we had tickets for Sunday. Wouldn't you know it was projected to rain all day long. When we left church, it still hadn't started raining. We decided to take a chance and go.
We got there at nap time and Hudson slept for quite a while....
Jackson was actually pretty good for not having a nap.
Jackson thought the "pink birds" were very cool.
Hudson woke up and was impressed with them as well.
Jackson loved the "teddy bears" too. He was singing a song about them that he learned from school, I just couldn't understand what he was saying.
We watched the polar bears swim for a long time. They were being so funny...getting in the water and scratching their back on rocks.
Before we left, we thought we would hit up Teton Trek one more time. That was the first place we went to when we got there and Jackson saw a ton of kids playing in the fountain. He wanted to get in so bad-I told him after we saw everything we wanted to see and we ate dinner that we would come back and play. He was so excited-he talked about it the whole time we were there. We got back to the fountains at 5. We got his clothes off and waited and waited and waited...Apparently they turn the water off at 5. That's totally our luck. He was bummed...
...but Hudson looks amused.
So as we left we let him swim in the yucky river at the front. He had a blast. I learned my lesson. Next time we will go to the fountain earlier and we will bring a swimsuit and a towel.
He didn't care, he had a blast and we did too. We are definitely considering getting a zoo membership again.


Kim said...

We were there on Saturday! All the animals were asleep or hiding. We just got our membership last week, I think it will be worth it! You should sign up for the Pink Palace free 3 month membership before the offer expires- it looks like fun too. Your children are adorable!


Ben and Emily said...

My husband and I finally visited the Memphis Zoo a few weeks ago and it was wonderful! Can't beat Tuesday free day!

Your boys are adorable!