Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Jackson

Well, 5.5 weeks have gone by and there has not been any change in Jackson. We have changed his diet and that has not cleared up the diarrhea. The stool samples all came back negative which is great that there is no infection of parasites but it doesn't answer why my little boy is so sick. We will be going to our GI Dr. on Thursday so hopefully we will get a few answers then.

I did want to glean a little bit of knowledge that I have picked up along the way...
The only way that I have found to ease Jackson's diaper changes was to make my own wipes. He has been fighting so hard because the alcohol was burning his little tushie. I bought the sensitive wipes and rinsed them under water about 5 minutes to make sure they were good and clean of any chemicals/alcohol that was on them. Then, I poured almost a whole bottle of mineral oil and let it soak in. (I flipped the wipes and used my finger to help separate them enough to let the oil soak in them.) If your baby ever has extreme diaper rash (and I pray they never do), this has helped us alot and made diaper changes a bit easier.

I will post again on Thursday when we leave the Dr.


Morgan Holt said...

Awww...poor Jackson! The only other thing I can think of would be that he would have some type of gluten intolerance. Lindy has Celiac so you may talk to her about the symptoms but I do know that whatever she ate came out...well...you know! Wonder if he's allergic to gluten in his diet...or is that what you cut out to see already? Hope you get some answers Shannon! So frustrating!

Amy said...

Saw your link on facebook today. So sorry about Jackson! We had to start making wipes when Jessica was 2 weeks old because of her sensitive skin (and then had to go to cloth diapers because she breaks out in a heat rash during the summer -- which is most of the year down here!) So frustrating when their rear-ends are in such pain!!! (Oh and by the way...LOVE the crafty projects from your rainy weekend!!)