Friday, May 7, 2010

Whats In A Name?

Today at Kelly's blog she is asking how you came up with your kiddo's names. I thought it sounded like a fun idea and I wanted to join in...
This is Jackson Brantley. I have loved the name Jackson since I was in college. When Jason and I started discussing names of kids (when we were dating), we both loved the name Jackson.We also thought that is was a name that he could shorten when he got older and it was the cool thing to do (He can be Jack, Jax, J.B)  I have always liked family names so we used a name on Jason's side of the family for the middle name-Brantley. I personally think it is a great name.
This is Hudson Bennett. His name was a little harder for us. You can tell from this post that we had a lot of trouble coming up with this one. After we named Jackson we thought it was neat that all of our names ended in "on" we wanted to keep that up. (I mean we didn't want to have an odd-ball...Jason, Shannon, Jackson and Bill. Right? It just wouldn't flow) We had 4 top names but Hudson was always my favorite. Then came the middle name. Since Jackson's middle name went to Jason's side of the family, I wanted Hudson's name to go with my family. We choose Bennett after my paternal grandfather, Pop.
I couldn't think of any better names to fit these 2 boys. It is funny to think how you name them before they are born and their names are perfect for them...
Can you tell I like them a little bit?

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