Saturday, June 5, 2010


There have been some big things happening in the Haynes' household this week. This week:
1. This little boy is officially potty trained! He has been exclusively in underwear for 2 weeks and has done so well. I tried a few months ago but his strong will won out- he wanted none of it. I threw in the towel and decided I would try when he was ready. He finally had enough of the diapers and decided to use the potty on his own, since then it has been all potty all the time. We are getting close to trying no diapers/pull-ups at nap/nightime. He wakes up dry but I'm not sure if I am ready to be changing sheets in the middle of the night.

2. Hudson has had his first taste of table food. When we went for Hudson's 6 month check-up, Dr. Bubba let us know Hudson could try some large pieces of table food to gnaw on. We had pizza the other night and let Hudson have some crust.
"Hey, what is this?"
"Hmm, lets put it in my mouth and give it a whirl."
"Oh yes, this is fabulous! Can I cram the whole piece of crust in my mouth? Lets try."

He LOVED it. He started shoving it in his mouth as fast as he could. I had to eventually take it away from him because I was afraid he was going to choke on it. He was FURIOUS at me. I told him he could have more the next time we have pizza. I think this boy is going to be a good eater!

3. And finally, Hudson is getting so big. Check out what I found last night...
Huds has his first tooth!!! We were sitting at Chick-fil-a and when I found it I was so excited.

Oh my word, how can so many things change in one week? They are growing up way to fast. Slow down boys!

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