Friday, June 18, 2010

Engagement Story

Kelly is asking "How did you get engaged?", so here is our story.

Jason and I started dating in December of 2003. I knew very quickly that he was the man that I was going to marry. In 2004, we started looking at rings and seriously talking about the day we would get married and our future children-heck we already had Jackson named. However it took FOREVER to actually get engaged.

My birthday was in September and really thought it would be then. We got all dressed up and went to dinner at a nice restaurant (The Tower Room) but the evening came and went and still no ring. That weekend, I was sitting in the kitchen kinda bummed out talking to my Mom. I was grilling her to see if she would tell me if Jason had talked to them know being plain nosy. She had me convinced that he would probably ask me at Christmas. Man, my Mom is a better liar than I thought because Jason had already asked for my hand in marriage and she knew when it would be.

So, October 7th, 2005, Jason's work had closed for the first Friday of the month and he asked if I could take off with him. We had a laid back day, went to eat lunch at Ruby Tuesday and then we to the Pink Palace Craft's Fair. We had a wonderful afternoon and as we were heading home we decided to go Downtown and shop in Peabody Place and get a bite to eat. We went back to my house (really my parents house, I still lived at home) to freshen up and then headed out. I kinda thought that he might ask me, so as he was driving, I was looking at his pockets to see if I could see anything "ring box" shaped. (He was one step ahead of me, right before we left, he went to take the ring out and put the box in his truck-Sneaky boy!) I again remembered what my mom had said and thought to myself "Oh yea, Christmas." And it was put in the back of my mind. We ate at a little pizza place and then went shopping-we each got a baseball hat and as we were leaving I mentioned that we should go to the top of the Peabody Hotel. (This was also his plan, but he liked that I said it so it would yet again throw me off and be unexpected.) When we got to the roof it was FREEZING so I was ready to leave however, Jason was not. He kept standing in one spot staring out....I was getting really mad! (little did I know that he was waiting for another couple to leave so we could be the only ones out there) I finally told him that he could stay out there and I would be in the hall waiting for him. Finally, he got me to come over and got down on one knee. I wish I could tell you what he said, but I can't but he did ask me to be his wife and then instead of letting him stand up, I got down on my knees to...I couldn't wait to kiss him! We were so excited that in the elevator, I told some random stranger, "Hey, we just got engaged." They weren't near as excited as we were. When we got in the car, of course we called all our family.
This is the night we got engaged in our "lucky hats"!
Oh and the ring, he did a GREAT job. Since we had gone to look at some, he knew what I liked, but I left the shape up to him. He choose round which was what I was secretly hoping for. I love my ring....and of course I love my husband too!


mustard seeds said...

Sweet. And no I was not LYING...I just didn't tell.

Ben and Emily said...

Great story!

Your ring is gorgeous! He did great!