Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Now I Know My ABC's?

Since Jackson is almost 3, we have really been working on letter recognition. The video below is sums up how we are learning. The role of Mommy (Me) will be played my Matthew Perry and the role of Jackson will be played by Chris Farley...

(It also doesn't hurt that it has my favorite funny guy in it! Ya'll know how much I love Chris Farley!)

Jackson has the attention span of a gnat. If it is not something that interests him, he wants nothing to do with it! He can tell you a flat head screwdriver from a Phillip's head but he can not tell you what letter is A and which one is B.

Last night, we were sitting in the floor of the kitchen and we were playing with the magnet letters that I bought him (I got them thinking it would be a fun way to learn...). I got out an A and a B. I kept pointing and saying it out loud "This is A. This is B." Over and over-I then turned it over to him. Pointing to the letter A I asked, "Jackson, what letter is this?" He studied it for a little bit and then he said "It's a Q." Ummm...No. Apparently I would make a terrible teacher. Oh well, we will keep trying! Until then, I am getting a good laugh.


mustard seeds said...

That was hilarious. He will learn them in time. How many two year olds know a track hoe from a bulldozer, scraper, backhoe, excavator? Those letters just aren't as fun to learn.

Allyson said...

I've never seen that! Hilarious!


P.S. He'll get it, I promise! Try the Leap Frog videos - Letter Factory is awesome!

Ashley Fisher :) said...