Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday Funday

My sister and I are both off work on Monday. My Mom had a coupon to Incredible Pizza, so we all decided to meet for lunch and make a day of it. Mom's coupon was if you bought $35.00 worth of food, it would only cost 10.00. We realized that buying 3 buffets would not equal $35.00, so we bought a game card with it. Once they rang it up, they told us the coupon was for food only but that they would give it to us. (I promise, we had no idea) So we got 3 buffets and a $17.00 game card for $11.00. Oops.
After we ate our lunch, we played some games and rode some fun rides. Jackson thought this motorcycle was great. He kept saying he was "Uncle Darris" cause he has a motorcycle.
And Hudson had fun on the carousel.
Jackson played games...
...and got out a little aggression some energy. 
 Even the hand dryers in the bathroom were fun...they may have been the highlight of the trip!
All in all we had a great time...We love hanging out with Mimi and Aunt Shawn!

Can I Get a Witness...

Kelly is asking people to tell their testimony. I was born and raised in a Christian home. My parents are Godly people who shared the Word with us at very early ages. When I was 7, I realized that I was a sinner and asked the Lord to come into my heart and make his home and I walked an aisle and was baptized.

As I got older, I began to struggle a little with who I was and what my purpose was. Although I never "rebelled" the way most college students do, my heart grew calloused. I continued to go to church, but I was not growing at all. At a revival at our church when I was 18, the preacher spoke on the parable of the wheat and the tares. He was saying that tares grow among the wheat...the only difference is that when you break wheat open, there is something inside. When you break open tare, there is nothing-it is empty, a weed among the wheat. He was saying that there are people in the church that are just there "worshipping" and when you break them open, they are empty just like the tares. I realized then that he was talking to me. I had allowed myself to become empty. I rededicated myself to the Lord. Since then, I have realized how my happiness comes from the Lord- nothing else that I was trying to fill my life with.

I am not perfect...I am a sinner just like everyone yet the Lord still loves me (I still don't understand how I deserve him). I want everyone to know the same sweet Savior that I do. If you have any questions, please email me and I will try my best to answer them.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome to the Family

We have a new member of the family...
Wait can you see him? Well take another look....
(Please disregard the fact that he doesn't have pants on and his legs are covered in mosquito bites...that's how we roll around here)
Now do you see him? That's right, Jackson has an imaginary friend named Pepe' (pronounced Pay-Pay. We aren't sure where that name came from). Pepe' has been in the family for about 3 weeks. He isn't always around...but what we do know about him is that he is 7 years old, his middle name is Ryan (?), he is potty training and his favorite food is cookies. When he talks about him, I always say "Jackson, Pepe's not real." And he always says "Yes Mommy, Pepe's real like me." Oh my...any one have advice for imaginary friends. Ha!

A new Jacksonism...
*A few months ago, when I picked Jackson up from school, I asked him what was for lunch. He told me that he had eaten a "Tuni fish sandwich" (pronounced tun-eye fish). I said "You mean Tuna fish." Then we proceeded to argue about how tuna fish was pronounced. The next week, I had to pick up Jackson early because he was running a fever. His morning teacher who he LOVES was there and she has a THICK Russian accent. And it hit me....His teacher says Tuni fish. Jackson was using his best Russian accent to say tuna fish. He still says tuni fish to this day, I can not convince him that it is tuna fish.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 Months Old

Hudson is 8 months old. I mean...oh my word, he is getting so big!

*Not sure  height and head circumference are...we will find that out at his 9 month appt.
*Weight- Still not totally sure on this either. Thursday, July 8th he was 16 lbs. and then Monday, July 12 he was 14 lbs. 14 oz. (He was dehydrated from 5 days of a stomach virus.) Not sure what he is now but I can tell that he has gained some weight back, 
What is he up to now?

*He has changed SO much. His hair is getting thicker and is blondish-red (not sure where that came from). He is starting to look like a little boy and not as much like a little baby.

*Is still wearing 0-3 month shorts, and 3-6 month onesies. We have a few 6-9 month outfits that fit him. He is a petite little guy.

*Still not a big fan of solid foods but he can put away some baby food. He has eaten some pizza crust, cut up peaches, and "puffs"- he tolerates it but is not quite sure what to do with it once it is in his mouth.

*Is working on army crawling. He can roll to get to wherever/whatever he wants.

*Sitting up much better this month.

*Stands when he is holding my fingers.

*Is waving while he says "buh buh buh". I like to think that he is saying "Bye-bye" (at least that is what it sounds like) (This is a new skill and has done it a few times but will not do it when around other just have to trust me on this one.)

*Smiles ALL THE TIME!!!

*Adores his big brother. Jackson can definitely get the most belly laughs from Hudson.

*So ticklish-under arms, sides, collarbone and behind his legs. He will just cackle if you get him there.

*He is super nosey. He has to know what is going on, who is where, and why it is happening.

*He is totally a Mommy's boy....and I hope he stays like that for a while. Jackson is a Daddy's boy.

*Nicknames: Huddy, Tuddy, Puddles, Nugget, and the ever popular HudsonBoo. (Yes, they are the most random nicknames, but he loves them)

And just because I thought they were too cute...Here are some outtakes from yesterday's photo shoot.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Tool Time...Jackson's 3rd Birthday

Whew, what a weekend. Planning, decorating and hosting a birthday party is not for the faint of heart. Several months ago, I asked Jackson what kind of birthday party he wanted and he quickly told me Handy Manny. I thought I had hit the jackpot...I could easily walk into Party City and grab everything I needed and walk out. However, Jackson wanted to test me. He changed his mind and decided he wanted a "car mechanic" party. There was NOTHING out there that I could find with this theme. There was construction but he did not want construction...he wanted car mechanic. I was forced to get creative...I broke out the Cricut and got to work.

So welcome to...
Haynes Repair Shop.
Let me introduce you to the crew: I am Shannon a.k.a "Shop Manager", then there are Jason and Jackson the car mechanics, and our youngest Hudson is the "apprentice".
Jackson was so excited about his big day. (Don't you just love his mechanic shirt? My mom found the shirt at the Goodwill and took it to get monogrammed. He thought he was a real mechanic when he put it on.)
My mom also made Hudson's shirt.
The first thing we did at the party was get to work in the "work shop". All the kids colored trucks and tow trucks.
That is some intense concentration.
He is so proud of his masterpiece.
Then it was "break time".
We ate Nuts & Bolts (Chex Mix)...
...and "Grease Monkey" Munch. (you can get the recipe here)
...and Spare Tires (Mini Oreos).
Then it was on to the "Fillin Station" to choose your fuel. What would you like?.. Regular (Coke), Regular Unleaded (Diet Coke), Diesel (Dr. Pepper), or High Octane (Sprite).
Then it was time for cake/cup cakes and ice cream. My Mom and I made the cake. I was very pleased with the way it turned out....and Jackson LOVED it. I think his favorite part was the candles were tools.
I made the cup cake toppers
Time for some presents
"Hey, what did you get?"
Next, it was time to play. Hudson stayed inside where it was cool...
...and all the big kids went outside.
Before everyone left, Jackson gave everyone a tool cookie favor from Whimsy Cookie Co. They are SUPER DELISH!!! Ya'll have to try them out...You will love them!
Jackson had a wonderful day and although I was EXHAUSTED, I had a great day too. I am already planning Hudson's birthday party for November. Am I crazy? Hmmm...Don't answer that.

Great Giveaway

Hey Ya'll. Just wanted to pass on a great giveaway. Go here to check it out.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Week Fun

We have had a big week of celebrations! I got the idea of doing some little special things from Emory. I think we will be doing this for both boys...what a fun memory for them.

We decided that since his birthday was on Tuesday that we would start celebrating last Friday. That night, we went and had sno cones. Jackson LOVES Jerry's so he was super excited.
He had a John Deere sno cone. It was so yummy!
"Hey Mommy, what color is my tongue?"
Saturday=swimming fun
Sunday= sprinkler, fireworks and spending the night with Mimi and Buddy.
Monday, Jason was off work, so we decided to go see Toy Story 3. We were brave and took both boys.
Jackson even dressed up for the occasion. He has on his Toy Story shirt and flip flops. He did well for his first movie. He got a little restless, but I did too-It was kind of long.

Tuesday was his 3rd birthday, He has been asking if he could bring something to his friends at school.
We had a little birthday party for him with all his school friends. He wanted cup cakes and he specifically asked for Spider-Man cupcakes. They weren't the prettiest cupcakes but the kiddos didn't care. They ate the icing cupcakes and were so excited!
Jackson and 1 of his little friends.
That night when we got home, apparently Hudson had a little too much fun. He crashed.(and no, I don't let him sleep on the couch, he could roll off- I was holding him but put him there so I could take a picture of him. With all that moving, he still didn't wake up. He was SO tired)

We went to the Dr. for his check-up Thursday and we ate Chick-fil-a last night (Jackson's choice). We have had a GREAT week and can't wait for his birthday tomorrow!


Friday, July 9, 2010


This week has been full of pitiful-ness (Yes, I know...pitifulness is not a word-but today, it works with what has been going on in our house!). Over the holiday weekend, Hudson had a cough. Nothing seemed to bother him so I figured it was a cold. As the week went on, His cough got deeper and deeper so yesterday I took him to the Dr. The diagnosis...Bronchitis. Yuck!

Today, we have added in a new yuckiness factor-throwing up and gross diapers. Oye! The trend of today is sleep. I think all day, he has been up maybe an hour.
He has fallen asleep in the excersauser...
...and in his bouncy seat. See I told you pitiful-ness!
I have spent the majority of the day giving 1 tsp of Pedialyte every 5 minute. He has finally kept down about 8 ounces and I am starting to get some sweet Hudson smiles. I hope we are beginning to turn the corner and start getting better!