Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8 Months Old

Hudson is 8 months old. I mean...oh my word, he is getting so big!

*Not sure  height and head circumference are...we will find that out at his 9 month appt.
*Weight- Still not totally sure on this either. Thursday, July 8th he was 16 lbs. and then Monday, July 12 he was 14 lbs. 14 oz. (He was dehydrated from 5 days of a stomach virus.) Not sure what he is now but I can tell that he has gained some weight back, 
What is he up to now?

*He has changed SO much. His hair is getting thicker and is blondish-red (not sure where that came from). He is starting to look like a little boy and not as much like a little baby.

*Is still wearing 0-3 month shorts, and 3-6 month onesies. We have a few 6-9 month outfits that fit him. He is a petite little guy.

*Still not a big fan of solid foods but he can put away some baby food. He has eaten some pizza crust, cut up peaches, and "puffs"- he tolerates it but is not quite sure what to do with it once it is in his mouth.

*Is working on army crawling. He can roll to get to wherever/whatever he wants.

*Sitting up much better this month.

*Stands when he is holding my fingers.

*Is waving while he says "buh buh buh". I like to think that he is saying "Bye-bye" (at least that is what it sounds like) (This is a new skill and has done it a few times but will not do it when around other people...you just have to trust me on this one.)

*Smiles ALL THE TIME!!!

*Adores his big brother. Jackson can definitely get the most belly laughs from Hudson.

*So ticklish-under arms, sides, collarbone and behind his legs. He will just cackle if you get him there.

*He is super nosey. He has to know what is going on, who is where, and why it is happening.

*He is totally a Mommy's boy....and I hope he stays like that for a while. Jackson is a Daddy's boy.

*Nicknames: Huddy, Tuddy, Puddles, Nugget, and the ever popular HudsonBoo. (Yes, they are the most random nicknames, but he loves them)

And just because I thought they were too cute...Here are some outtakes from yesterday's photo shoot.


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Queen Bee said...

Stopping by from Jenna's blog. I loved your son's birthday party, so cute! Your boys are cuties!

Steph said...

Found you through Jenna's Journey and I must say -- OH MY GOSH your boys are ridiculously adorable!! Loved the theme from the birthday party -- very cute & creative!

Beth said...

Popped in from Jenna's blog. Your boys are adorable! I love how creative you are.

Kati @ "along for the ryde..." said...

Cutest birthday party! So CREATIVE!