Saturday, July 10, 2010

Birthday Week Fun

We have had a big week of celebrations! I got the idea of doing some little special things from Emory. I think we will be doing this for both boys...what a fun memory for them.

We decided that since his birthday was on Tuesday that we would start celebrating last Friday. That night, we went and had sno cones. Jackson LOVES Jerry's so he was super excited.
He had a John Deere sno cone. It was so yummy!
"Hey Mommy, what color is my tongue?"
Saturday=swimming fun
Sunday= sprinkler, fireworks and spending the night with Mimi and Buddy.
Monday, Jason was off work, so we decided to go see Toy Story 3. We were brave and took both boys.
Jackson even dressed up for the occasion. He has on his Toy Story shirt and flip flops. He did well for his first movie. He got a little restless, but I did too-It was kind of long.

Tuesday was his 3rd birthday, He has been asking if he could bring something to his friends at school.
We had a little birthday party for him with all his school friends. He wanted cup cakes and he specifically asked for Spider-Man cupcakes. They weren't the prettiest cupcakes but the kiddos didn't care. They ate the icing cupcakes and were so excited!
Jackson and 1 of his little friends.
That night when we got home, apparently Hudson had a little too much fun. He crashed.(and no, I don't let him sleep on the couch, he could roll off- I was holding him but put him there so I could take a picture of him. With all that moving, he still didn't wake up. He was SO tired)

We went to the Dr. for his check-up Thursday and we ate Chick-fil-a last night (Jackson's choice). We have had a GREAT week and can't wait for his birthday tomorrow!


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