Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday Funday

My sister and I are both off work on Monday. My Mom had a coupon to Incredible Pizza, so we all decided to meet for lunch and make a day of it. Mom's coupon was if you bought $35.00 worth of food, it would only cost 10.00. We realized that buying 3 buffets would not equal $35.00, so we bought a game card with it. Once they rang it up, they told us the coupon was for food only but that they would give it to us. (I promise, we had no idea) So we got 3 buffets and a $17.00 game card for $11.00. Oops.
After we ate our lunch, we played some games and rode some fun rides. Jackson thought this motorcycle was great. He kept saying he was "Uncle Darris" cause he has a motorcycle.
And Hudson had fun on the carousel.
Jackson played games...
...and got out a little aggression some energy. 
 Even the hand dryers in the bathroom were fun...they may have been the highlight of the trip!
All in all we had a great time...We love hanging out with Mimi and Aunt Shawn!


Ben and Emily said...

Looks like fun and you got a great deal! Was it packed?

Shannon said...

No it really wasn't. It was a ton of fun!