Friday, July 9, 2010


This week has been full of pitiful-ness (Yes, I know...pitifulness is not a word-but today, it works with what has been going on in our house!). Over the holiday weekend, Hudson had a cough. Nothing seemed to bother him so I figured it was a cold. As the week went on, His cough got deeper and deeper so yesterday I took him to the Dr. The diagnosis...Bronchitis. Yuck!

Today, we have added in a new yuckiness factor-throwing up and gross diapers. Oye! The trend of today is sleep. I think all day, he has been up maybe an hour.
He has fallen asleep in the excersauser...
...and in his bouncy seat. See I told you pitiful-ness!
I have spent the majority of the day giving 1 tsp of Pedialyte every 5 minute. He has finally kept down about 8 ounces and I am starting to get some sweet Hudson smiles. I hope we are beginning to turn the corner and start getting better!

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