Saturday, August 7, 2010

Call the Fashion Police!

Call the Fashion Police ya'll, because we have 2 violaters. Ha!
Suspect #1: Hudson Haynes
Age: 8 months
Crime: going around the house with no clothes on.

Ok, but in my defense, it has been HOT 100s with heat index's in the 120s! So it's ok that he doesn't have clothes on, right?
Suspect #2: Jackson Haynes
Age: 3 years old
Crime: See pictures below

( ya liking his new do? I have always "buzzed" his head with a 7 guard and we went with a 4 guard this time...he loves it with this heat!)
So on to the story of this outfit...I was cooking dinner and I realized that Jackson was not in the Den where I could see him-which usually is not a good sign. I called to him "Jackson, where are ya?" "In here..." is what he said. "What are you doing?" And he said "Just getting ready to weed eat". (Seriously the boy loves to play "yardman". I hope he still loves this in about 7 years when it will be his chore) And this is the outfit he had put on.

Offense #1: The shirt- The people from 9-1-1 came to his school and talked to the kids about 9-1-1 and safety. They gave them coloring books, and tattoos, and a shirt. The shirt has the 9-1-1 superheros on it and Jackson LOVES it!!!! It is 2 sizes to big but he still wears it all the time.

Offense #2: The shorts- What is up with the shorty shorts. I asked him where he got them and conveniently he said "I dunno". I had to start singing "Who likes short shorts..." and "Look at that boy with the daisy dukes on...".
Offense #3: The shoes- He does enjoy wearing his flip-flops, so I guess he decided to wear both of his  pairs. (Notice the difference in size...the orange pair is from this summer and the blue pair is from last year and he still tries to "squeeze" his foot in them.)
Also, I tried to tell him that he couldn't wear flip-flops if he was "weed eating", he could loose a toe!
Offense #4: Size!- When I was taking his shorts off, I just thought they were some that were still in his drawer from last year (when he wore a 24 month)...I did not realize that he had gone into Hudson's room and put on his 6 MONTH shorts! Wow, I still have no idea how he put them on, but they were VERY hard to take off.


Kim said...

Those shorts are cracking me up!

Amy said... it! As far as Hudson goes....the first thing Jessica does when she gets home is strip off her clothes....and she's almost 3! It's just the only way to beat this heat!!! :-)

Emory said...

Those shorts are the funniest thing! I can't believe he was able to get them on.