Sunday, August 15, 2010

Round-Up Sunday

Every year our church has a fun casual day called Round-up Sunday. We wear western clothes and eat Bar-B-Que together. There is really no particular reason for doing this other than it is alot of fun. Well, today was that day.
I scrambled this morning trying to find the boys something to wear. Hudson went with the tried and true overalls and his cowboy boot slippers. Jackson got to finally wear his Halloween costume from last year. (He has swine flu and wasn't able to go to our church party.) He pretended he was Woody from Toy Story and his horse's name was Bullseye. Don't ya love how Hudson is looking at his brother?
After church, Hudson ate some Puffs....
...and you can tell that Jackson enjoyed his Bar-B-Que.
When we got home, Jackson decided that he was going to wear Hudson's overalls. Not really sure why he feels the need to always wear his brother's clothes. Well, we are off to take a nap. Hope ya'll all had a great Sunday...Yee-Haw!

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