Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The older I get, the more I dislike summer every year. The heat, mosquitos, the utility bills...YUCK! (Does this mean that I am getting old?)  There are a few perks to summer that I enjoy: cook-outs, swimming pools (but not bathing suits) and these little beauties....
I love sunflowers!  Every summer, there is a little patch that grows in the middle of this busy city and when I drive by them, I get so happy. Yesterday, I took the boys to this little patch and we had a photo shoot.
I love those little legs
Hudson would not look up. He was too interested in the grass. This was the best picture I got of him.
Time for some kisses. Poor Hudson getting his face squished.
Jackson was trying to smell them thinking they would smell good. He was quite upset when they didn't smell "pretty". He said "Mommy these smell wierd."
Hudson was playing with more grass.
We left with some great pictures and itchy legs.

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Ben and Emily said...

Sweet pictures of your boys!