Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 Months!

10 months have gone by too quickly! I can't believe that in 2 months, my little boy will be 1! That is so exciting and so sad at the same time.

Hudson, what have you been up to this month?
*You are EVERYWHERE! I am having to stay 1 step ahead of you and that is so hard. We are really having a hard time keeping Jackson's toys separated from yours. I think you know exactly which toys are small enough for you to put in your mouth and you go for those.

*You are a great sleeper at night. You go to bed about 6:30 and wake up at about 6. Naps are not your favorite. There are some days that I pick you up from school and you have taken a 30 minute nap. I am crossing my fingers that this will get better as you get older.

*I think your favorite thing in the world is eating! You eat almost all table food and you couldn't be happier. I can't wait to see how much you have grown at your 12 month Dr. appointment because you have really put on some weight.
*You just started pulling up on things. You can't pull up on the coffee table yet because it is too tall, but you love to pull up in the bathroom, (and also in the bathtub. We have a hard time keeping you seated)...
...and also in your bed.

*You babble all the time. You also have a high pitched squeal when you get excited. (It's so precious)

*I get to hear that squeal when I pick you up in the afternoon. You love to see me walk through the door of your room. That makes my heart so happy!

*You have 2 bottom teeth and you are working on 1 of your top ones.

*You love to take a bath with Jackson at night and you get pretty mad when I take you out. You really enjoy splashing and doing something right along side your big brother.

Outtakes from today's photo shoot...
Hudson ALWAYS has his tongue stuck out! I mean check out the length on that tongue...He could give Gene Simmons from KISS a run for his money!
Again, see how talented he is? He can turn his tongue upside down going both ways! (When I was going through pictures to post, there were only 3 that didn't have his tongue stuck out-and I took 30 pictures! See, I told you he loved his tongue.)


mustard seeds said...

The bear has shrunk again. Or has the baby grown? Haha. Wow, his first birthday will be here soon...it can't be.

Emily Fuller said...

He is SUCH a cutie Shannon! I can't believe how fast they grow!