Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ok, so the past couple weeks have been a little rough around here. I think I hinted about this problem here but I wanted to document what all has been going on.

So, beginning of the month we found out that we have a busted pipe in our foundation. We were told by the plumber that to fix it would start at $8000 but could go upwards of $10,000 (or more!). They really couldn't give us a set price because they didn't know the extent of the damage. They told us our next step would be to call our insurance company and see if they would cover it. Long story short, they said they wouldn't. There were ALOT of tears shed on our part. I mean, we didn't just have that kind of money just sitting around to pay for that to get fixed. I prayed and was honest with God. (I have to say that I was not proud of my attitude at first. I was angry...very angry and I told him, I didn't hold anything back. I figured he already knew what was in my heart.) A little later, I went back to the Lord and just begged for forgiveness. I felt a peace come over me. Psalm 34:8 was stuck in my head "Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him." I let the Lord know the desires of my heart but the outcome was his to give. He was my refuge and that was all that mattered. I knew that whatever happened that he would take care of us just as he has everytime we hit a bump in the road (and our road has been pretty bumpy at times)!

A week later, the plumber came back out to our house to do something else to our pipe. Jason was talking to him and telling him our issues. He told us to call them back and tell them again what was going on. Jason was finally able to talk to someone who would actually listen to him. She asked him to explain what was going on and because he told them that we had to clean up after it would leak, they said they would cover it! Because he said those 2 little words ("clean up") then all we would have to cover was the deductible and the cost of the actual plumbing portion. They are going to fix our broken pipe, redo our laundry room (because that is where it was leaking), and replace all the floors in the back of the house (where the actual leak is). They are also paying someone to physically come and pack up our stuff and put it in storage and a place for us to live while our house is torn apart! They are doing more than we even asked them to do. Praise the Lord!

Ya'll, God is so good. I can't say that I am proud of the way that I acted through this whole trial (and it's not over yet) but I have learned alot about the Lord, prayer, our marriage, and life. Pray for us, the next step of this trial starts Tuesday when we officially become homeless (and we don't know where we will be staying yet!)


Ben and Emily said...

Wow. I'm glad the insurance company is stepping up and helping. Leaks are no fun.

God IS good! Y'all will be just fine!

(let me know if I can do anything, besides plumbing!!)

Ben and Audrey said...

shannon. i love your honesty. its so good to see the Lord working in your life! what a blessing that all of this is going to be covered & taken care of for your family! i'll be praying for you! thanks for writing about all of this!!

happy october!!