Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coughing+Wheezing=No Fun!

Saturday started VERY early for me. Jackson got up at 2:30 with some terrible coughing. We snuggled on the couch and watched Cars and Spongebob and his favorite-The Superhero Squad. We made the mistake of telling him the night before that we were going to see my sister and her husband run. Well, he kept telling me to get ready because we were still going. He was very convincing that he was feeling better. So we drove the hour drive to Fayette county to see them run their race and to go to the cotton festival.
Jackson had a sign...
...and Hudson did too.
Shawn and Darris did great. He finished second in his age group and she finished 1st. She was also the second girl to cross the finish line. Yay Shawn! As soon as they were finished running, Jackson was starting to feel awful. He was having a really hard time breathing so we decided to rush over to our Dr.s office. We walked in and they took us straight back (Praise the Lord for weekend clinic!) They took his O2 stat (oxygen levels) and they were 91-they were supposed to be at 94.
So we got a breathing treatment. It was his first one ever and he took it like a champ! His O2 stat went back up to 97 (whew!). When the Dr. came back in to listen to his back, one lung had cleared but one was not passing oxygen. The boy has pneumonia.  

The rest of our day looked like this! He is on a strong antibiotic and we are doing an inhalor every 4 hours. He is so pitiful, he doesn't even have enough breath to say more than 3 words without gasping for air. Jason and I took shifts last night listening to him while he slept-to say I am exhausted doesn't come close to how I am feeling. I am praying my silly boy starts feeling better soon.

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mustard seeds said...

Oh, I hope he feels better, too. So sad to see him feeling bad.