Friday, September 3, 2010

Dollar Spot Fun

The "terrible 3s" have been rearing their ugly head around our house lately! I realized what Jackson needed was a little "Baby Bootcamp"! On a recent trip to Target, I decided to check-out the dollar spot and see what they had!
We decided that we needed to add some responsibility to Jackson's life so I got him a chore chart. I was going to make him one but I was SO surprised when I found exactly what I had in mind!

I was a little nervous as to how Jackson would deal with his new chores but he LOVES having something that he is in charge of. His new responsibilities are setting the table for dinner, brushing his teeth, cleaning up his toys, and making his bed. One of his new favorite things is putting a sticker by his chore when it is done.

Next it was time to tackle behavior...
I let Jackson paint some Popsicle sticks...
He got to choose the color. He decided that it would be his "best color"
(I think someone is trying to tell me I take to many pictures!)
I took his painted sticks and made a little pocket for them. We have implemented stick pulling in our house. He starts the week with 5 sticks and if he can end with 3 still in his pocket he gets to pick something out of his treasure box. Last week he ended up with 2 sticks and he did not get to choose a prize. This week, he still has all 5! He quickly realized last week how sad it is when we don't get to choose our prize. Wait, what are the prizes you ask?...
More goodies from the Dollar Spot, of course! I let Jackson choose his prizes. He chose: a Spider-man coloring book, Ironman crayons, Spongebob tattoos, Ironman frisbees, and Smarties.

For a total of $7.00, we have had a good time and Jackson is very excited about his new responsibilities and incentives! Crossing our fingers we don't see the "terrible 3s" as much!


Ben and Emily said...

Yay for chore charts and "sticks"! Great job to Jackson for keeping all his sticks this week! I'm sure that he was shocked he didn't get one last week, but quickly learned his lesson!

Happy Friday!

Roo {NiceGirlNotes} said...

Great idea! I wonder if my two year old is a little too young to implement this. But it's fantastic!

Audra Laney said...

Great idea! I'm gonna stash this away in my memory for "in the near future!"