Monday, September 27, 2010

Harvest Fest

 This weekend to celebrate my 28th (yuck!) birthday, we headed to the zoo. The weather was GORGEOUS! It was fun to go to a Harvest festival when it actually felt like fall outside. When we walked in the gates we were met with the sound of bluegrass music. Oh yes, it is officially fall in the south!
 The first thing we did was "go fishing" in the fountain. When they caught a fish, Jackson got to choose an animal sticker. After we caught our fish, we headed to do some crafts.
 If there is one thing Jackson loves, it is a good craft. (or project as he likes to call them) There were 5 tables of crafts and we told him he could choose 2. He choose finger-painting with glue and putting on different beans and pasta on a cornucopia...
...and the ever popular pasta necklace.
 That's some super concentration!
 He was so proud of his creations!
After crafts, it was time for some animals...

...which meant Hudson immediately fell asleep. This picture makes me so jealous. I mean look at that...sound asleep, totally comfortable, being pushed around everywhere by Mom. That's the life!
Everytime we go to the zoo, Jackson's favorite animal changes. He always wants to see the giraffes but this time his favorite was the polar bears.  
And no trip to the zoo is complete without playing the the FREEZING cold fountain! We had a fun day, and the boys came home and crashed which made this Momma happy too. It also made me realize how ready for fall I am!


Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Have a great week!

Mommy Jenny said...

Happy (late) birthday! Looks like a great weekend!
Oh, and I love the fall blog layout! Very cute!