Friday, September 10, 2010

"Staycation" 2010

(*This is going to be a long blog entry. I have not been good about updating so I am going to cram everything we have been up to in one post.)

Last week, Jason and I took off and had ourselves a little "staycation". We had a good time, with a few stressful ones mixed in.
I scheduled some Dr.s appointments and let Jason keep the boys. When I was on my way home he let me know that the plumber was coming to check a draining problem. When I got home, he was sending a camera down our pipe and got to the entrance of Hudson's room and discovered that he was not able to see anymore. What he thinks we have is a broken pipe underneath the foundation of our house. Seriously? He tells us to call our insurance company and tell them what is going on. We do and they tell us that they will not be able to cover it. They call it "maintenence". Yet again, seriously? To me maintence is changing your air filter in your AC, not digging through your foundation to change out pipes. So we need to come up with $8000 to get it fixed (but it could be more, the plumber couldn't give us a set amount). What a great way to start a vacation, right? That night there were many tears shed and a lot of praying. We finally decided, it is what it is and it stinks but we will get through it.

We woke up ready to get the funk from the day before over with and have a good vacation! My grandmother gave us a membership to the zoo for Jackson's birthday. We had a blast. Seriously, it was one of my favorite days I have had in a LONG time!
The boys played so well together!
Hudson took a nap...(Are you loving the Buddha belly?)
...while we got up close and personal with a monkey!
Then we cooled off in the fountain at Teton trek. (and when I say cooled I mean it. That water was FREEZING. Jackson felt like a popsicle when he got out!)
We spent the day in Brownsville with Jason's family. We went swimming and when I say swimming, I mean I stood in the water for 30 minutes until Jackson told me he was ready to get out (it was super cold). You know the water is cold when Jackson asks to get out.
Then Papaw (Jason's Dad) taught Jackson how to catch...
...and hold crickets. YUCK!!!!!
After washing hands, we went and ate at Jason's parent's house and visited for a bit and then went home to put our cranky boys to bed.

We skipped church and went back to the zoo. The weather was GORGEOUS! It made me so ready for fall.
Jackson got to hang out with Shawn and Darris.
...and Hudson actually stayed awake the majority of the trip.
We fed birds...
...and did some dance moves in the freezing fountain again!
We went to my parents house to celebrate Labor Day.
We played cornhole on University of Memphis boards! (Go Tigers)...
...and the boys rode the gator.
We ate! We had sausage, shrimp, corn, potatoes, asparagus, peppers...Yummy goodness!
Then the boys went redneck swimming. Jackson in his skivies...
...and Huds in his birthday suit! (I may or may not have busted out the baby soap and bathed them outside too!)
And then we ate again. (I am hoping to blog the recipe for this cake tomorrow if I can get my act together!) Our vacation started off a bit rocky but ended wonderful!!!

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