Friday, October 29, 2010

11 Months

Hudson, you are 11 months old (Ok, so last week he was 11 months old...I'm behind but is that surprising?) I'm not sure on all his stats he will go to the Dr. next month and I will get them then, but I can tell you this little boy has grown by leaps and bounds. He is getting so big!

What's new this month?

*You no longer take a bottle and you also don't drink formula anymore. It's all whole milk and sippy cups for this little boy and he LOVES it!!

*You sleep like a champ. Bedtime is at 7:30 and he sleeps until 6:30.  When we were in the hotel, he had a rough time getting adjusted to sleeping there, but since we have been home he has gotten back on his schedule and is a much happier little boy. (And yes, I will fill you in on the hotel stay but that is it's own post!)

*I think your favorite thing to do is eat. You can put the food away. The other day, I gave you and Jackson the same thing to eat. I was practically cramming it down his throat and you scarffed it down and was begging for more. You eat all table foods now unless we are eating something spicy then we give you several containers of baby food. I am loving that you can feed yourself. It makes it so much easier on this Momma.
 *You love to be thrown in the air. You just giggle-and can I say that you have to have the cutest baby laugh ever. You don't just laugh, you squeal. It melts me!
 *We love to tickle you You also love to be tickled. Same thing with the is one of my favorite things to hear!

*You still have 2 bottom teeth, but we can see 4 coming in on the top. I feel so bad for you...4 teeth at once does not seem like fun but it doesn't seem to bother you too bad.

*You have mastered crawling super fast. You are pulling up on everything and cruising down every piece of furniture we have. You have not stood up yet by yourself (not holding on to something) or taken any steps by yourself. I am not pushing you though, I know my life will change drastically when you start walking. I am just enjoying this stage before it is gone.

 *You love your big brother. Ya'll have started playing together well. Jackson can make you laugh the loudest, you think he is so silly. Even though he is your best friend you are very quick to verbalize when you have had enough of him. Ha!

* You can clap and wave "bye-bye". You aren't much of a talker. What you do say is "Dada" and "Uh-oh". I'm a little sad there hasn't been a "Mama" in there but I know that will come. What you don't do in talking, you make up for in screaming. You have a mighty fine pair of lungs on you! You scream when you are happy, sad, want to get my attention, to tell Jackson you have had enough, are excited...pretty much anything you do will be accompanied by a scream!

*You grabbed my cell phone and held it up to your ear 2 nights ago. I probably sat on the bed and played telephone with you for 20 minutes. I would say "Hello?" and then you would put the phone to your ear and lean your head over. We would have a little chat and then you would "hang the phone up" and wait for me to say "Hello?" again. Oh my word, it was a 10 in the cuteness scale!
*You LOVE to smile. What we get the most is this silly smirk, it's your Huddy smile! You smile all the time but when I get the camera out, I can not get a smile out of you. Such a little booger.

Oh HudsonBoo,
How my life has changed in 11 months. I love watching you grow up and learn something new everyday. You have changed so much lately. You are the happiest, most content baby in the world. I know the Lord has big plans for you little boy and I can't wait to see how he will use you!
Next month is a big one. I can't believe you will be 1. I am still trying to learn how to make time stand still (which I can't seem to be able to do). Until then, I have already planned your birthday party-I can't wait.
I love you sweet HudsonBoo!

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