Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Party

Last weekend, we started our Halloween celebrations. We went to my parent's house to eat some chili and carve the pumpkins that we picked from Tom's farm.
Check out my face, that is some serious concentration right there. I think my tongue is stuck out and everything!
Jackson played in a bowl of pumpkin guts the whole time.
He realized that his hands were sticky. He said "Eww, yuck."

Then we all realized we had sticky hands.

We were all working so hard on our pumpkins. It was so quiet when Jackson piped up "Hey look guys, I'm working with a sharp tool." That got our attention real quick....
...luckily, he was just using a scoop. Not a sharp tool, whew!

Hudson got to hang out with Nanny and Gaga while we were carving...
...and he had a great time.
These are our masterpieces. I did Buzz Lightyear and Jason did Woody. I was happy with the way they turned out even though they took FOREVER to carve. (I hate to brag, but those are some mad pumpkin skills!!)
We had a great time. I think we started a new tradition.

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