Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scary...Yet VERY Thankful

*Warning...This post talks about throw up and un-fun medical things. Read at your own risk.
*Another warning...This is a super long post. Sorry-alot happened!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day was MUCH better than ours was. My Thanksgiving holiday started on Wednesday at 10:30 when the boys school called me at work and let me know Huds had a temp of 102.2. I called the Dr.'s office on the way to get Huds and was surprised we were actually able to get an appt with him so late in the day (and yes, 10:30 is considered late in the day to get an appt with our Dr.).

When we got to our appt, Hudson's temp was 104. Holy cow! His strep and flu tests came out negative but they weren't sure why his white blood cell count was elevated so he gave us a strong Rx and sent us on our merry way. When we got home, we took his antibiotic and gave him dinner since it said to give with food. Well 30 minutes later Huds threw up everything on Jason. UGH! We got through the night, watching him like a hawk-Jason took the first shift until 1:00 am and then I took the rest of the night. In the morning, he was doing much better. His temp was down and he was actually playing a little bit. I was so happy, so I started cooking the food that I was bringing to my parent's house. Yet again, we gave him his antibiotic and he threw it up...Gross!

As the afternoon went on, Huds got fussy but we chalked it up to the fact that he was exhausted. His temp was down, so we decided to go on out to my parent's house. My mom is a nurse so I felt that she could give me her opinion on him. He was so happy when we walked in the door-but that changed real quick. I was holding Huds while he slept when he started to shake. I called for my Mom and we had no idea what was going on. After a few seconds, he stopped so we decided to eat and go to an Urgent care clinic when they opened at 5:00 pm. (and Yes, there were no urgent care centers open on Thanksgiving...we has called all of them early in the day-is that crazy to anyone else?)

We got the turkey out of the oven at 2:00 and were about to carve it when Huds started to shake again, he was having a seizure. His seizure lasted 5-7 minutes. Scariest thing I have ever seen in my life-seeing your son laying there shaking, gasping for air, lips turning blue and as a Mom not being able to do anything to help him.  My Dad called the ambulance and they were there very quickly. (It then dawnd on us that he had had 3-4 small seizures since he had been sick. I felt like I won "Worst Mother of the Year" award for not realizing that.)
They took him to the hospital and he screamed the whole way there which totally broke my heart. Yet again, unable to comfort my child who is hurting.
The I.V that they started in the ambulance clotted off and they were unable to get another one started at the hospital because we was so dehydrated. His heart rate was hovering at 200 and his temp was 104 when we got to the hospital.
They got enough blood from his IV before it clotted off to send to the lab and then they did a catheter on him to get a urine sample. They said that if that all came back negative then they were going to do a spinal tap because they were a little worried about meningitis.

Trying to stay occupied-means everyone pulling stuff out of their purses.
His white count was higher than they day before and his urine had some white cells in it which told us he had a kidney infection. Praise the Lord they didn't have to do the spinal tap! At this point since they knew what they were dealing with they gave Huds a Popsicle, graham crackers and apple juice. That was Huds first official Thanksgiving feast and it made him SO happy (and it made this Mommy happy too)
Starting to feel a little better!
Since they were unable to start an IV, they had to give him an antibiotic shot in his thigh and then we were discharged. They told us to keep him on his antibiotic that he was already on and they prescribed him another med to deal with his throwing up. We struggled to find a pharmacy open. When we finally found one, they didn't have enough meds to give me. Seriously, by this time I had waited 30 minutes for the Rx, I was starving and had the largest headache in the world. To say I was put-out with these pharmacists would be an understatement-I came unglued in Walgreens. We had to drive 20 minutes out of our way to get his medicine. We finally got back to my parent's house at 9:30 and warmed up our food and I crashed since I had been going since 1:00 that morning. Jason again stayed up with him the first shift and I got up with him at 1:00 and watched him.

We went back to the pediatrician yesterday and they gave him a different antibiotic. They told us that when we was done with his medicine they want him to have an ultrasound and a voiding test. They think he may have kidney reflux.

It was the craziest Thanksgiving, but I realized that I have SO much to be thankful for:
*That we were at my parent's house when this happened.
*That my Brother-in-law immediately took Jackson upstairs to play so he didn't have to see his brother like that.
*That I graduated from high school with one of the paramedics. I seriously hugged him when he walked through the door and at that time he didn't realize who I was. (so funny!)
*For health insurance
*For parent's that left the turkey on the counter and followed my husband to the hospital.
*For a sister and brother-in-law who didn't think twice about taking care of Jackson.
*For many friends and family that were praying for us.
*For medicine that makes my children better.
*That even if he has kidney reflux, it is easily treatable.

Now, for an uneventful Christmas!

Friday, November 26, 2010

12 Months

Huds turned 1 last Friday yet again I am a week late posting this. Oh well, better late than never.

12 Month Stats:
Height: 30 inches long (50th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs. 8 oz. (60th percentile)
Head Circumference: 46.5 cm (50th percentile)

What are you up to?

*You are eating us out of house and home. Today when I picked you up from school, you were eating your third bowl of yogurt for snack! Good grief kid. They also said that you were greedy. When they start putting the food out, you get mad when anyone else gets theirs first and you try to eat off of their plate. I think it is time to work on table manners.

*Words: Dada, uh-oh and I heard Mama for the first time on Saturday. You also jibber jabber all the time but we aren't quite sure what you are saying.

*Taking a bath is your favorite thing in the world. You splash so much that most of the time I am just as wet as you when it is done.

*You still love Jackson very much but are quick at letting him know you have had enough. I have a feeling soon enough you will be strong enough to show him when you have had enough (if you know what I mean).

*Still not walking by yourself but you are starting to gain confidence. You are cruising at a rapid pace and will stand by yourself for short periods of time. (I am not pushing you to walk, I know how much my life will change when you do.)

*I am still amazed that your hair is as blonde as it is. I can't believe that I have a blonde kid...and I love it so much. (I know this isn't a milestone but I seriously can't believe my child is blonde)

*You are still such a charmer. You can bat you long eyelashes and smile at anyone and melt them in an instant. I have a feeling you will have lots of little girls after you in a few years-like 30 years when you can start dating. 

What a fun year this has been...I have learned so much and I have enjoyed watching my baby learn even more! Now bring on year #2.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Traditions

I love Christmas-so when I saw that a couple of my favorite blogs were participating in the "12 Days of Christmas" of course I wanted to join in. Go here to check it out
 Today's topic is Christmas traditions. Of course every year we decorate a Christmas tree, watch every Christmas movie under the sun, and eat dinner with my parents, Jason's parents and then my Dad's side of the family but our small little family has started a few of our own fun little traditions.

Last year, we put a Christmas tree in Jackson's room. We have already bought a tree for Hudson's room too and we have let them pick out their very own ornaments for their tree. This year they picked tractors and basketballs. We will put them up this weekend and let them (Jackson) have complete creative control as to how it is decorated.
We also have a little visitor in our home from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. We got the Elf on the Shelf for Christmas when I was pregnant with Jackson. Jackson has already started talking about his elf. Last year our poor elf was nameless but this year Jackson has named him Max. (I think it is the perfect name for our elf because he looks a little mischievous.) Hopefully having him around will give Jackson a little incentive to be sweet.
We also made a plate with Jackson's handprint on it at a pottery place in town. We put it out during the season and then on Christmas Eve put his peace offering for Santa cookies for Santa on it. We are going to make one with Hudson this weekend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

4 Things Friday...

I have seen some blogs doing "5 Things Friday" before so this time I thought I would join in-but mine is going to be "4 Things Friday" because I couldn't think of 5.
1. Can I tell you how excited I am about Thanksgiving. I love Christmas however I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about, food and fun! (I am also excited about working 2 days next week and then being off 5!)

2. I am loving this winter hat. My friends were talking about it at Bunco last night and I knew I had to get it. You know how I am with Tigers. I have them on hold and will be going to pick them up when I get off work today....

3. Speaking of tigers-It's basketball season in Memphis and this girl bleeds Tiger Blue! They are going to be INCREDIBLE this year!!! I am NOT a football fan so life is all good during basketball season.
4. And last but definitely not is my HudsonBoo's first birthday. Stay tuned, I will have a post on this later.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I am totally getting into the Christmas spirit. I know what you are going to say, "It's not even Thanksgiving yet.". I know and you know what, I don't care. This week is the deadline for  Operation Christmas Child, so today my 2 favorite little guys and I went and picked out some presents for a little boy.
 Hudson held the instructions and told us what we needed to get...
 ...and Jackson picked all the gifts. Our little boy is going to get some bouncy balls, a Toy Story puzzle and paddleball, Buzz Lightyear watch, a motorcycle, some hard candy, band-aids, a monkey puppet, a coloring book and markers, stickers...
 ...a toothbrush and toothpaste, a Scooby Doo washcloth, some cherry Coke flavored chap stick...
 ...and a flashlight.
 We crammed it packed it neatly in our shoe box and took it to the church down the street from my parent's house.
 I was so proud of Jackson-before we dropped our present off he wanted to pray for the little boy that would be receiving it. He was so excited to take his present to the church and handed it over so proudly.
Even though Hudson was sound asleep, he got a sticker that said "I gave a shoe box" too. I can't wait to do this next year. I want my boys to know that Christmas is not all about getting-but giving to others.

*Jackson funny of the day:
As the day has gone on, Jackson has been talking alot about his little boy. Here is one of our conversations...
Jax: "Mommy, is the little boy in preschool?"
Mommy: "I don't know Jackson. I'm guessing he isn't. You know he probably lives very far away, do you think so?"
Jax: "Yea, I bet he lives in Cordova."
Mommy: "Well, I bet he lives way farther away than Cordova."
Jax: " Nashville."
Mommy: "Maybe." (apparently Nashville is VERY far away.)

And if you want to know more about Operation Christmas Child, just watch the video below.

Look WHOO'S One...Hudson is

I can't believe it is time to celebrate my littlest boy's first birthday. This year has been the fastest year of my life. (Hud's birthday is actually Friday, but we decided to have the party this weekend so it doesn't interfere with someone's Thanksgiving plans.) 
These 3 boys are my life. I am so blessed.
You know how I am with a theme. I knew I wanted something fallish but didn't want to do pumpkins and we went with owls. My problem was that you can find owl things but usually they are very girly so yet again, we had to make everything. These are the owl invites that we sent out. Everyone got one that was unique. I was so happy with how they turned out.
 I made this banner with the help of my Cricut.
 This is my parents entryhall...I am in love with that owl tree.
 These are the favor bags that my Mom made.
 Yummy food. We had sandwiches,crack dippuppy chow...
 ...and the cutest cupcakes. My mom worked really hard on these.
 Hudson was SUPER excited about his party-you just can't tell by the look on his face.
 Both my boys have gotten these great chairs for their 1st birthdays. Hudson is in love with his.
 Of course, Jackson can get some great smiles out of him.
Then it was time to open presents. He wasn't quite sure what to with all those presents. He was loving all the tissue paper though (I know what someone will be getting for Chirstmas-lots of tissue paper, ha!)
He was so happy about presents!
Next, craft time. We found an easy owl ornament for all the kids to make.
Jackson is totally into any "project" that you give him.
Now on to the good stuff....birthday cake! He wasn't sure why everyone was singing to him...
...however, he was a BIG fan of the cake. He ate...
...and ate...
...and even saved some to eat later.
By now he was going into sugar overload!
Then he pitched a royal fit when I took the morsel of cake that was left. We had a wonderful day and I am praising the Lord that he has blessed me with this sweetheart of a boy. I am so thankful to be his Momma!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Cards?

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is giving and receiving cards (Don't ya'll love going to the mailbox and everyday there is a new card. It's like Christmas...Wait, it is Christmas but you know what I mean.) Every year, I find my self obsessing over the perfect Christmas card to send to all our friends and family (and when I say obsessing, I mean OBSESSING). What picture to use, should Jason and I be in it or just the boys, what card am I going to choose....the list goes on and on! Well I am getting started early this year.

Last night,  I took a gander at Shutterfly. I have used them before for ordering pictures and I was very pleased with the product I received. I was blown away with all the they had to offer- photo books, calenders but my favorite things they offered were their Christmas cards. Check these out....

See what I mean, every single one of their cards is precious. Even the backs of most of them are decorated. That's quality right there! How will I ever choose? I can already see that the obsessing will be starting soon. Merry Christmas you guys.

And for any bloggers that want to get in on awesome deal with Shutterfly, go here and sign yourself up! You won't be sorry.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

They Are Programmed Differently!

This afternoon, Jason was changing my oil. Jackson kept coming inside and immediately going back outside. After about 4 trips inside, Jason comes in and tells me to look out the window. This is what I saw...
 He had gathered up a bunch of tools (you can see them in the reflection of the bumper) and was fixing the car. Then Jason went to the back yard to clean up some leaves.
 Jackson came back inside to get his lawn mower and his leaf blower so that he could help his Daddy. So funny.
I'm telling ya, boys are just programmed differently than girls.

Friday, November 5, 2010

School Pictures

 I happen to think my boys are pretty photogenic. Their school pictures are another story.
Picture #1- This is my least favorite of Hudson. He looks completely caught off guard.
Picture #2- Oh thats better, there is the Huds that I am used to seeing. Precious face!
Picture #1- Wow is all I can say! This looks like it was taken right before or after a huge sneeze.
Picture #2- We are getting a little better-Just looking a little sleepy.
 Picture #3- There is my sweetheart boy! And that pose makes him look so grown up.
And the one of my 2 boys...oh, this melts my heart! I just love anything that has both my favorite little boys in it!

So the verdict on school pictures...not a total wash. There are a couple that I will have to get.