Tuesday, November 23, 2010

12 Days of Christmas: Traditions

I love Christmas-so when I saw that a couple of my favorite blogs were participating in the "12 Days of Christmas" of course I wanted to join in. Go here to check it out
 Today's topic is Christmas traditions. Of course every year we decorate a Christmas tree, watch every Christmas movie under the sun, and eat dinner with my parents, Jason's parents and then my Dad's side of the family but our small little family has started a few of our own fun little traditions.

Last year, we put a Christmas tree in Jackson's room. We have already bought a tree for Hudson's room too and we have let them pick out their very own ornaments for their tree. This year they picked tractors and basketballs. We will put them up this weekend and let them (Jackson) have complete creative control as to how it is decorated.
We also have a little visitor in our home from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. We got the Elf on the Shelf for Christmas when I was pregnant with Jackson. Jackson has already started talking about his elf. Last year our poor elf was nameless but this year Jackson has named him Max. (I think it is the perfect name for our elf because he looks a little mischievous.) Hopefully having him around will give Jackson a little incentive to be sweet.
We also made a plate with Jackson's handprint on it at a pottery place in town. We put it out during the season and then on Christmas Eve put his peace offering for Santa cookies for Santa on it. We are going to make one with Hudson this weekend.

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Ben and Audrey said...

cute post! i LOVE the plate that Jackson made! i've been thinking about doing something similar for Jack & Jovie. i may just have to steal that idea! ha!