Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun

I think I may have some Halloween junkies on my hands. Both my boys has so much fun with all the things we did.
Saturday, we went and Trick or Treated my parents. Fayette county made people Trick or Treat on Saturday because of a curfew on Sunday. They were saying if you were out on Sunday, you could get arrested. I didn't want my little ones thrown in the slammer, so we followed the rules and went on Saturday.
Jackson was Buzz Lightyear...
...and Huds was the Toy Story Alien. My Mom actually made his costume. We had seen this costume at Target, but it was flimsy and a little more than I wanted to pay for him to wear once. She went to Dollar Tree and got a Roman Soldier helmet and glues the Green Fleece on it. I absolutely LOVED it. I think she did a great job plus it was much less than the original costume!
We went to the Fall Festival at our church on Saturday night. Jackson was super excited...Hudson, well not so much. I think the face says it all.
Jackson played and played and played. He totally surprised me. He went down on of those really big inflatable slides. A few months ago, he would have clung to me, scared to death. He has gotten so brave lately.
He also loved the petting zoo. He fed sheep, goats, and even a cow with a bottle.

Sunday, we went around our neighborhood begging for candy Trick or Treating. I stood back with Hudson while Jackson went door to door. It was like I was seeing my little boy grow up right before my eyes. Knocking on doors and talking to people he didn't know, big steps for this previously shy boy! If Halloween was this fun, I can't wait to see what Christmas will be like.

*Funny Story...
Yesterday, when I picked Jackson up from school, he was asking for a piece of gum. (Yes, occasionally I give him a little treat for being a good boy at school. I don't call it bribing...I call it incentives! Don't judge, it works for us. Ha!) Apparently I wasn't getting it out of my purse quick enough for him so he said "Trick or Treat?" I guess he thought that I was waiting to hear that.

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Ben and Emily said...

Looks like fun! Didn't know Fayette County has curfews on Sunday (or on Halloween)....crazy!

Buzz and Alien are adorable too!!