Monday, November 15, 2010

Look WHOO'S One...Hudson is

I can't believe it is time to celebrate my littlest boy's first birthday. This year has been the fastest year of my life. (Hud's birthday is actually Friday, but we decided to have the party this weekend so it doesn't interfere with someone's Thanksgiving plans.) 
These 3 boys are my life. I am so blessed.
You know how I am with a theme. I knew I wanted something fallish but didn't want to do pumpkins and we went with owls. My problem was that you can find owl things but usually they are very girly so yet again, we had to make everything. These are the owl invites that we sent out. Everyone got one that was unique. I was so happy with how they turned out.
 I made this banner with the help of my Cricut.
 This is my parents entryhall...I am in love with that owl tree.
 These are the favor bags that my Mom made.
 Yummy food. We had sandwiches,crack dippuppy chow...
 ...and the cutest cupcakes. My mom worked really hard on these.
 Hudson was SUPER excited about his party-you just can't tell by the look on his face.
 Both my boys have gotten these great chairs for their 1st birthdays. Hudson is in love with his.
 Of course, Jackson can get some great smiles out of him.
Then it was time to open presents. He wasn't quite sure what to with all those presents. He was loving all the tissue paper though (I know what someone will be getting for Chirstmas-lots of tissue paper, ha!)
He was so happy about presents!
Next, craft time. We found an easy owl ornament for all the kids to make.
Jackson is totally into any "project" that you give him.
Now on to the good stuff....birthday cake! He wasn't sure why everyone was singing to him...
...however, he was a BIG fan of the cake. He ate...
...and ate...
...and even saved some to eat later.
By now he was going into sugar overload!
Then he pitched a royal fit when I took the morsel of cake that was left. We had a wonderful day and I am praising the Lord that he has blessed me with this sweetheart of a boy. I am so thankful to be his Momma!


Mommy Jenny said...

So cute, Shannon! You even have owls on his high chair! Great job, mom!
P.S. Have you seen the silhouette? I have a Cricut too, but the Silhouette seems to do even more fun stuff! It's definitely on my wish(dream)list!

Ben and Emily said...

Oh my what a cute party! All your details were perfect!

Happy birthday Hudson!