Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scary...Yet VERY Thankful

*Warning...This post talks about throw up and un-fun medical things. Read at your own risk.
*Another warning...This is a super long post. Sorry-alot happened!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day was MUCH better than ours was. My Thanksgiving holiday started on Wednesday at 10:30 when the boys school called me at work and let me know Huds had a temp of 102.2. I called the Dr.'s office on the way to get Huds and was surprised we were actually able to get an appt with him so late in the day (and yes, 10:30 is considered late in the day to get an appt with our Dr.).

When we got to our appt, Hudson's temp was 104. Holy cow! His strep and flu tests came out negative but they weren't sure why his white blood cell count was elevated so he gave us a strong Rx and sent us on our merry way. When we got home, we took his antibiotic and gave him dinner since it said to give with food. Well 30 minutes later Huds threw up everything on Jason. UGH! We got through the night, watching him like a hawk-Jason took the first shift until 1:00 am and then I took the rest of the night. In the morning, he was doing much better. His temp was down and he was actually playing a little bit. I was so happy, so I started cooking the food that I was bringing to my parent's house. Yet again, we gave him his antibiotic and he threw it up...Gross!

As the afternoon went on, Huds got fussy but we chalked it up to the fact that he was exhausted. His temp was down, so we decided to go on out to my parent's house. My mom is a nurse so I felt that she could give me her opinion on him. He was so happy when we walked in the door-but that changed real quick. I was holding Huds while he slept when he started to shake. I called for my Mom and we had no idea what was going on. After a few seconds, he stopped so we decided to eat and go to an Urgent care clinic when they opened at 5:00 pm. (and Yes, there were no urgent care centers open on Thanksgiving...we has called all of them early in the day-is that crazy to anyone else?)

We got the turkey out of the oven at 2:00 and were about to carve it when Huds started to shake again, he was having a seizure. His seizure lasted 5-7 minutes. Scariest thing I have ever seen in my life-seeing your son laying there shaking, gasping for air, lips turning blue and as a Mom not being able to do anything to help him.  My Dad called the ambulance and they were there very quickly. (It then dawnd on us that he had had 3-4 small seizures since he had been sick. I felt like I won "Worst Mother of the Year" award for not realizing that.)
They took him to the hospital and he screamed the whole way there which totally broke my heart. Yet again, unable to comfort my child who is hurting.
The I.V that they started in the ambulance clotted off and they were unable to get another one started at the hospital because we was so dehydrated. His heart rate was hovering at 200 and his temp was 104 when we got to the hospital.
They got enough blood from his IV before it clotted off to send to the lab and then they did a catheter on him to get a urine sample. They said that if that all came back negative then they were going to do a spinal tap because they were a little worried about meningitis.

Trying to stay occupied-means everyone pulling stuff out of their purses.
His white count was higher than they day before and his urine had some white cells in it which told us he had a kidney infection. Praise the Lord they didn't have to do the spinal tap! At this point since they knew what they were dealing with they gave Huds a Popsicle, graham crackers and apple juice. That was Huds first official Thanksgiving feast and it made him SO happy (and it made this Mommy happy too)
Starting to feel a little better!
Since they were unable to start an IV, they had to give him an antibiotic shot in his thigh and then we were discharged. They told us to keep him on his antibiotic that he was already on and they prescribed him another med to deal with his throwing up. We struggled to find a pharmacy open. When we finally found one, they didn't have enough meds to give me. Seriously, by this time I had waited 30 minutes for the Rx, I was starving and had the largest headache in the world. To say I was put-out with these pharmacists would be an understatement-I came unglued in Walgreens. We had to drive 20 minutes out of our way to get his medicine. We finally got back to my parent's house at 9:30 and warmed up our food and I crashed since I had been going since 1:00 that morning. Jason again stayed up with him the first shift and I got up with him at 1:00 and watched him.

We went back to the pediatrician yesterday and they gave him a different antibiotic. They told us that when we was done with his medicine they want him to have an ultrasound and a voiding test. They think he may have kidney reflux.

It was the craziest Thanksgiving, but I realized that I have SO much to be thankful for:
*That we were at my parent's house when this happened.
*That my Brother-in-law immediately took Jackson upstairs to play so he didn't have to see his brother like that.
*That I graduated from high school with one of the paramedics. I seriously hugged him when he walked through the door and at that time he didn't realize who I was. (so funny!)
*For health insurance
*For parent's that left the turkey on the counter and followed my husband to the hospital.
*For a sister and brother-in-law who didn't think twice about taking care of Jackson.
*For many friends and family that were praying for us.
*For medicine that makes my children better.
*That even if he has kidney reflux, it is easily treatable.

Now, for an uneventful Christmas!


mustard seeds said...

Yes, we need an uneventful Christmas. You didn't mention the broken freezer with ice running down all the frozen food...oh well, it was time to clean the freezer out. And then Shawn and Darris being locked out of their house. So an uneventful Christmas sounds lovely. So thankful that sweet boy is better. Mom

Jessica Kenney said...

Girl! I cannot imagine. I had tears in my eyes reading this! Our God is good! Hope sweet Hudson feels better!

Ben and Audrey said...

whew! shannon. when i saw shawn's status about hudson, i felt so worried. i know he is not my child but i can only imagine the fear you must have been feeling. i thought of you all day thursday & prayed for hudson. i am so glad that he is better & that they didn't have to do a spinal tap. bless his heart.

i'll be praying for him & you. try to get some rest. love you gir! let me know if you need anything!

Allyson said...

Shannon- OH MY GOODNESS! Poor, poor Huds! So very sorry you had to go through that. What lead to the seizures? Were they from his fever? I probably need to go read this again. I skipped to the end to make sure he was okay...I couldn't take the suspense! Thank goodness for wonderful families to help out in a crisis situation! God Bless Them, and you, sweetie. Get some rest and do NOT be hard on yourself. You are Mom of the Year for SURE!!!


Morgan Holt said...

Wow, Shannon! You did have an eventful Thanksgiving. What is up with our kiddos lately? Clara had the flu on Thanksgiving! UGH! I had febrile seizures when I was young. My mom said they were the scariest thing ever. She couldn't do anything but lay me down and watch to make sure I wouldn't hurt myself. I cannot imagine. At least you kept your cool about the situation! Good for you, Momma! As for the void test....Emmersen had one at the age of 2. Wasn't too fun! We had to hold her down so be ready! You'll get through it as well as he will. We promised a milkshake for afterwards which seemed to help. Emmersen didn't have kidney reflux, just a bad kidney infection. I'll keep him in our prayers! I know Hudson is so thankful to have you as his Momma!

Ben and Emily said...

Oh my goodness. I couldn't even imagine going through all that.

I'm glad they were able to "fix" Huds. Poor thing.

Y'all are in my prayers.

Heather said...


And I thought I've had a rough couple of days with a houseful of sick ones! I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of this, but glad to know that Hudson is ok. I'll definitely be praying that you all will have an uneventful Christmas!

Jessica said...

Shannon - this just broke my heart to read about his seizures. I can't imagine what you were going through. I hope that he is continuing to get better and that those things will never happen again!!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Oh my goodness Shannon!! I am so glad Hudson is ok! That is soo crazy!! YOu are so awesome for being able to look at the positive in the situation!!