Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Alpine Village

Last weekend, we took the boys to The Alpine Village. Several of my friends had taken their kids and everyone had great things to say about it (it also doesn't hurt that it is absolutely free). We got there at 10:00 am, signed in and they gave the boys their ticket.  
Jackson was super pumped!
The first stop we made was the North Pole. We hopped on the elevator and headed on up to see the "Big Guy" himself. This year provided yet another great Santa picture to add to the mix. (click HERE to see what our previous pictures looked like. Go ahead and look...it is definitely worth your while, Ha!)
Jackson was surprisingly happy to see him. Hudson was, well...not excited to see him. Jackson told him what he wanted (which was a MobiGo, a dump truck, an excavator and a garbage truck (<-- seriously ?)) and Santa gave him a bracelet and we headed back downstairs to tackle all the things we could do in the village.
Playing in the fake snow storm
The first thing Jackson wanted to do was play in the snow. He loved throwing it in the air and in the Christmas trees. Then it was time to visit all the shops...
We went to the Snowman Shop and Jackson made the cutest snowman magnet.
Jackson the Snowman
Hudson the Snowman
Then we went to the Gingerbread Shop where the boys decorated cookies and the candle shop where we made candles.
They got to pick their own book in the Book Shop. They also loaded up on candy in the Candy Shop.
Then we headed to the Toy Shop. We couldn't get in the door before Jackson noticed this elf with a saw. It was no surprise to us that he noticed it...this boy is crazy about power tools!
In the toy shop, Jackson got to flex his hammering skills and he made a top. 
He finished out his time in the Village by making this cute candycane Reindeer.

Before we left, we went by the living nativity. As we were heading home, we were talking about all that we had done. I asked Jackson "What was your favorite part?" He said with no hesitation "Seeing the Baby Jesus." That melted my heart, my little boy gets it. Yes Santa is fun, but Christmas is about Jesus birth. The perfect Son of God sent to the world to be our sacrifice.