Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

When we left my parent's house on Christmas Eve, we hurried home so that the boys would be asleep as soon as Santa got there.
Jackson wanted to leave Santa the "J for Jackson" cookies. I didn't have the heart to tell him they were candy canes and not "J"s.
We set out our cookies for Santa and then it was bedtime.
 The stocking were hung...
 ...and Santa came. From the looks of things, the boys were very good this year. (and Jackson got everything he wanted: Mobigo, dump truck and garbage truck, ha!)
When Jackson woke up, he was amazed that Santa ate his cookies. He also thought it was funny that Santa left some crumbs. I told him he was a messy eater. Then he took off to the fireplace...
 ...and looked up. He asked "Where did he go?". He also got a kick out of the fireplace screen being moved (nice touch Jason!!!).
I took advantage of one of the few moments they were still and got a picture with my 2 favorite little boys!
 Hudson loved all his goodies. His favorite thing he got was his cellphone and whatever his brother is playing with. =)
Jackson loved everything he got. He loves pretending to be Iron-Man. Look at those strong muscles. (This Iron-Man mask gets around...keep on reading!)
 After all the presents were opened, Hudson needed to rest on the ground and play with his phone.
I love that Jax and Huds are starting to play together!
 I got my turn being Iron-"Mom"...
...while I made breakfast.
 After everything was opened and our house was trashed, we got ready to go see Jason's family in Brownsville.
 We had so much fun in Brownsville. We ate dinner and opened presents and played with everything the boys got.
Iron-Man (Jackson) let his cousin Reed try on his new repulsor. (I am really having to learn alot. Having boys has taught me all about superheros and their powers-things I never thought I would have to know about!)
 Jason even decided to be Iron-Man (see I told you that mask got around.)
Jackson also got a new car. Jason came home and put it together. The battery took 18 hours to charge so the boys pretended to drive the car.

Christmas was SO fun this year. Jackson really got into the whole season so much so that we named him "Captain Christmas". I am already looking forward to next year.


Katherine said...

I just have to say that the boys look super cute in their Christmas shirts! :)

Ben and Emily said...

The pictures of Jackson looking up the chimney and Hudson with his phone are priceless!

So glad y'all had a nice Christmas!

(btw: love your glasses!)