Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dr.s and Copays and Breathing Treatments...Oh My!

Long time, no post. I am still here just busy with some sick boys. We have had 6 (yes, 6) Dr. appointments in since Thanksgiving. (My wallet is hurting from all the ER and office copays and medicine we have had to buy!) 
Last Wednesday, Jackson had a terrible cold. I went ahead and made an appointment for Thursday afternoon but by Wednesday night, he was wheezing and having a hard time breathing. We went to the evening clinic that night and boy am I glad we did-looks like he has asthma. We got to do breathing treatments every 4 hours that night and then we went back to the Dr. on Thursday. Our Dr. believes that he will only have to deal with the asthma when he is sick.
Then yesterday Hudson decided it was his turn again to be sick. He had a low grade fever and a terrible cough. I am super worried anytime he gets a fever now, so off to the Dr. we went. He has Bronchiolitis and an ear infection. He also got a breathing treatment in the office, but it really didn't help his wheeze go away. He is feeling much better today-I'm hoping that that trend continues. Until then they have one tired (and broke) Momma!

I will be back soon with some fun (...and free, Ha!) Christmas posts!

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Krystle said...

Aww. Hope they start to feel better soon =)