Sunday, December 19, 2010

Make Yourself At Home

Since Thanksgiving, we have had a little visitor in our home. His name is Maxwell Nathan Haynes, Max for short (Jackson named him-He was creative and named him after his 2 best friends at school.). For 11 months out of the year, he lives in the North Pole but for 1 month he is a member of the Haynes household. He's not a human however, he is one of Santa's elves. He is here to make sure the boys are on their best behavior. He watches them quietly and at night while we are sleeping he flies home to report to Santa all he saw that day. Every morning, when we wake up, we rush to find the new spot that Max will be in during the day. We have found him in some interesting spots...
like stuck in a bottle...
...and hanging from our decorations.
He has even made himself at home and gotten into our food. One night he decided that he wanted a cracker for his mid-night snack.

Max has a little personality on him. He is mischievous, silly and sly-but sweet at the same time...and I love him so much-my kids are on their best behavior when he is around. We have told him that he can visit any time he wants to. I am thinking we will be having a little visitor once a month, you know to check in on the boys and make sure they are being good.

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Ben and Emily said...

Love that he has a "full" name!

Once a month visits sound great! Does this guy work on husbands...ha!?