Sunday, December 12, 2010

"O Christmas Tree..."

My favorite Christmas decoration has to be the Christmas tree. I think the best thing about putting it up is getting out the ornaments and reminiscing. We have only been married 4.5 years but we already have a ton of ornaments that are sentimental. We have ornaments from our tiny family of 2 and then ones from when both the boys came into our family. Our tree is not fancy...but we aren't fancy people-it's just right for us.

This year we let Jackson have his way with the bottom of the tree. We gave him all the "non-breakable" ornaments and let him decorate to his hearts content. Theornaments on the  bottom of the tree is a little thin but I'm not having to worry about little hands (aka Hudson) destroying things.
Jackson was less that thrilled when he thought that Hudson would be helping. We had to remind him that his elf was watching and that straightened him up quick. Ha! I think our elf will be visiting once a month-just to check in.
Here is our finished product, not the most beautiful tree but our kids love it and that is what matters.
(And are you loving the fact that the bottom lights don't work? We plugged it in and the whole bottom section is dark. I'm thinking it might be time for a new tree...or at least some new strands of lights.)
Next, it was time to decorate the boys trees. Jackson had complete creative control over both trees. We let them choose their ornaments. This year Jackson choose tractors and Hudson choose basketballs.
The finished product. John Deere tree skirt-check, Tractor ornaments-check, 1 happy boy- BIG CHECK!
And here is Hudson's tree. Since he is the newest in the family, he has the smallest tree. Next year his will be bigger and we will continue to add ornaments to his tree. Are you loving his camo tree skirt?


The Butler Family said...

Our tree is the exact same way, there is no "theme" and there is nothing fancy about it! As a matter of fact each year we talk about how we need a tree topper. I told Rhett I like the fact we don't have's a conversational piece each year :)

Ben and Emily said...

Love all three trees! I think "personal" trees are way better than theme trees!! :)

Mommy Jenny said...

I think your tree looks great! I love un-matched, not fancy tress! They're so much more personal! If I ever have a bigger house, I might do two trees, but the main tree will always be the sentimental one!