Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Blizzard" of 2011

This weekend started off pretty crummy. I have been sick for 2 weeks. Saturday morning, I had had enough. I went to the minor med and found out I had a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection. I got some medicine and by Sunday morning I was feeling like a new woman. I knew there was a chance of snow and I also knew there was NO food in the house so we went to the grocery store like every other person in Memphis. Seriously, it was 9:30 am and it was crazy!  
When we got home, Jackson and I decided to make snowman cookies. We were hoping if we made these cookies, we could eat them on a snow day. (At this point I was still skeptical that we were actually going to have snow. I mean, the week before the temps were in the 50's and the weathermen here in Memphis have been known to get our hopes up before.)
Everytime I walked by the kitchen I saw this. Jackson said he was just smelling them. (I knew better, I found little fingerprints in the icing.) After dinner, we were watching Super-man, eating cookies, and would you believe it actually started snowing? The weathermen were right.
Monday morning we woke up to 3 inches of snow in our front yard! I am off every Monday from work and I was so thankful that I didn't have to get out in it and I could enjoy the day with the boys!
As soon as the boys got up, the front door was opened so they could look out. We ate breakfast and then watched "Elf" (I am still trying to convince Jackson that it is no longer Christmas time-he doesn't believe me. We still watch Elf and The Grinch with Jim Carrey at least 3 times a week). After our movie, we decided that it was time to bundle up and go outside.

Getting the boys dressed is a workout-I'm telling ya, I was sweaty and hot when I got done with them.
 Hudson was NOT amused with what he had to wear!
My sweet snow angels tigers
 Jackson had a BLAST in the snow. He was jumping...
 ...and throwing snowballs. He said that he was Buddy the Elf (of course from the movie Elf) when he was throwing snowballs.
Hudson did NOT have a blast in the snow. He just sat there like Randy from a Christmas Story ("He lay there like a slug. It was his only defense" Ha!) After about 20 minutes, we headed back inside for lunch and naps.
 Once we were inside, Hudson was happy again!
We stripped down in the kitchen and put everything out to dry. We knew that Jason would be home soon from work and we wanted everything to be ready to go back out.
 Round 2 of snow fun included a snowball fight with Daddy...
 ...and a little family time.
 Shawn and Darris came over and played with the boys too. They built the world's smallest snowman.
And the second time around Hudson was still not sure about it. I love the snow but I am so glad we only have to deal with it a few times year.


mustard seeds said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I just love those pictures...especially the one of the snow tigers!

Ben and Emily said...

Looks like a blast! Love the tiger hats! Glad you're feeling better too!